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TQE Co-Teaching Initiative
As a part of a $5,000,000 Teacher Quality Enhancement (TQE) Grant, SCSU has partnered with seventeen area school districts and two businesses to develop and implement a concept called co-teaching in student teaching programs.  Co-teaching has been put into practice with over 500 pairs of cooperating teachers and SCSU teacher candidates, impacting over 12,000 P-12 students in central Minnesota.  Two years of research and study have shown statistically significant gains in academic achievement by those students who are part of a co-taught classroom.  Teacher candidates using the co-teaching model of student teaching also show significant gains in teaching performance as rated by cooperating teachers and university supervisors.

Members of the TQE co-teaching team have presented their findings at the national and state level, with numerous institutions from around the country interested in duplicating the co-teaching model of student teaching developed at St. Cloud State University.  Dr. Nancy Bacharach and Dr. Teresa Heck serve as principal investigators for the TQE Grant.

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