About the School of Education: Mission and Goals

Most of this content is taken form the current site 3-19-07, However the Mission comes from an email from Kate sent on 10/19/06

Mission and Goals

The School of Education mission statement and goals provide overall guidance for program development and improvement.

School of Education Mission Statement:
The School of Education strives to create an environment where all participants are critical, creative thinkers, lifelong learners, and global citizens who advocate and work for justice and equality as they purse their various roles.

The goals of the school are to:

  1. Facilitate in each student the development of perspectives, attitude, learning strategies, sense of self-worth and productive habits of mind essential to higher order thinking, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

  2. Facilitate in each student acquisition of the values, dispositions, and abilities necessary for the lifelong assimilation, integration, transformation, and application of knowledge to life's opportunities and challenges and to evolution of our free democratic society.

  3. Prepare students within their respective disciplines and majors to become transformative professionals, able to continually transform themselves through knowledge and able to facilitate attainment of goals 1 and 2 above in other learners.

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