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PlaceholderThe School of Education enjoys a long and rich history of preparing teachers and other educational professionals. Our programs are State and nationally accredited. Beginning in 1869 as St. Cloud State Normal School, the focus on teaching and learning was a hallmark of our existence and continues to be prominent in our mission.

We are proud of our programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in teaching, educational leadership, information media, and higher education, Today, we have about 50 faculty members teaching in a variety of disciplines helping to prepare our students for successful careers in teaching, leadership and other education-related fields. The School of Education is well established in the community, state, and at the national level.


School of Education
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Dean: Osman Alawiye


The School of Education strives to create an environment where all participants are critical, creative thinkers, lifelong learners, and global citizens who advocate and work for justice and equality as they pursue their various roles.







School of Education Conceptual Framework

Educating for a New Era

The School of Education strives to create an environment where all participants are critical, creative thinkers, problem-solvers, life-long learners, and global citizens who advocate and work for justice and equality as they pursue their professional roles.

Our Conceptual Framework represents three differenty dimensions of the academic experience. First, the red ring demonstrates our institutional and unit commitments to: excellence in teaching, access and opportunity, active and applied learning, community engagement, accountability that improves teaching and global and cultural understanding. Through these commitments we prepare our teacher candidaates for the roles of teaching, leading and serving. As our central mission, (depicted in the center of the diagram) we transform candidates and support our faculty as co-learners to become: knowledgeable and skilled educators, reflective practitioners, caring and ethical professionals, innovative users of technology, creative problem solvers, collaborative leaders, advocates for equity and justice in education and caring and ethical professionals. Our candidates, in turn, will lead the P-12 students in their classrooms to: display inquiry and enthusiasm for learning, thrive on diversity, construct knowledge and originate ideas, demonstrate understanding, meet well-defined standards, cooperate and collaborate in multiple contexts and demonstrate technology literacy.

School of Education Conceptual FrameworkSchool of Education Conceptual Framework

About our Candidates

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Teacher Education Programs

Departments and colleges in the university develop major and minor programs for teacher education (Bachelor of Science degree) which meets the Minnesota State Department of Education standards, Minnesota Statutes, Board of Teaching standards, and Minnesota Board of Education regulations. After approval by appropriate college and university committees and/or councils, the programs are forwarded to the Minnesota Board of Teaching through the Dean of the School of Education. All teacher education programs have been approved by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). When students successfully complete an approved program and apply for a Minnesota teaching license, the Office of Records and Registration verifies program completion. The School of Education recommends the graduate for the appropriate license. This approved teacher education program procedure for licensure is similar to that found in other states.

Students pursuing licensure programs have major responsibility for making certain that they meet concomitant and/or antecedent requirements as well as the academic program requirements for the licensure they seek.

Legislation enacted in 1985 required the Minnesota Board of Teaching to adopt examinations for assessing skills in reading, writing, and mathematics for teachers licensed under Board authority and to adopt rules for implementation and ongoing administration of licensure tests. In addition, Minnesota Statute 122A.09(e) requires the Minnesota Board of Teaching to adopt general pedagogy and content tests for teacher licensure.

Effective September 1, 2010, Minnesota adopted the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations (MTLE) as the means by which basic skills, content and pedagogical knowledge are assessed.   (Revised 9/2009, Minnesota Board of Teaching; http://education.state.mn.us).

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