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About the School of Education

The School of Education enjoys a long and rich history of preparing teachers and other educational professionals. Our programs are state and nationally accredited. Beginning in 1869 as St. Cloud State Normal School, the focus on teaching and learning was a hallmark of our existence and continues to be prominent in our mission.

We are proud of our programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in teacher development, information media, special education, child & family studies, educational leadership, higher education, human relations and multicultural education. Today, we have about 50 faculty members teaching in a variety of disciplines helping to prepare our students for successful careers in teaching, leadership and other education-related fields. The School of Education is well established in the community, state, and at the national level.

Our Mission

The School of Education strives to create an environment where all participants are critical, creative thinkers, lifelong learners, and global citizens who advocate and work for justice and equality as they pursue their various roles.

Academic Programs