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Sociology ProgramDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology Program

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Planning Your Program

Why should you major in Sociology? Which Sociology major is best for you? What minor or second major would compliment a Sociology major? Answer these questions and find out more about the Sociology Program at St. Cloud State University.

Link to online SCSU Records and Registration schedules. Plan your next semester by looking up what courses are offered in fall, spring or summer sessions.

Careers in Sociology

Click on this link for tons of information on careers you can secure with a sociology degree!


Click here for the forms you will need to fill out for the majors and minors offered in Sociology

Bulletin Information

Direct links to the St. Cloud State University bulletins.

Registration Information

During the early registration period each semester, the Sociology program maintains a petition system for allowing students into classes that fill up early. Download the Petition Form and find out more.


The high quality internship program in Sociology at St. Cloud State University has been in existence for over two decades. Find out what goes into a Sociology Internships and get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Sheila Lindstrom presenting on paper

Sheila Lindstrom, a graduate student in the Social Responsibility Program, presents a poster at the 2009 Association of Applied and Clinical Sociology Meeting on the political economy of food shelves in Minnesota. She also presented a paper on "Immigrant Labor and Hegemony". The paper was based on numerous interviews with immigrant workers and field data collected at a farm in Minnesota. Drs. Ajay Panicker and Paul Greider listen.



Tracy Ore takes her Politics of Food class to the Gold n Plump factory. Photo: Tracy Ore

Social Statistic Lab

Students in the Social Statistics Lab in Prof. Jiping Zuo's Social Statistics class.