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Sociology ProgramDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology Program

Sociology Faculty: Abbas Mehdi

Abbas MehdiAbbas S. Mehdi

Professor of Sociology

Stewart Hall 260

phone: 320-308-3013

E-mail address:

Personal Web:

Ph.D. in Sociology, The Ohio State University, 1987, MA. in Management, Bath University, UK, and BA. in Economic , Mustanseriyah University, Baghdad Iraq.

Currently involved in research on Globalization, Social Development  and Organizational Change in third world  countries such as the effect of globalization on Arab Countries with special focus on Iraq.

Currently teach the following Courses: Complex Organization, the Sociology of Work and Occupation, Social Change, and Principles of Sociology.

Field of expertise: Social Development, Organization and Management, and Global Change.


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