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Sociology Faculty:Sandrine Zerbib

Dr. Sandrine Zerbib

Associate Professor of Sociology

Co-Director: SCSU Survey Center


Phone: 320-308-3046

Sandrine Zerbib

Dr. Zerbib is a French sociologist from Paris.  She moved to Southern California where she earned doctoral degree at the University of California, Irvine.  She also earned a Masters degree in Sociology from Nanterre – Paris 10 University and from California State University, Fullerton.

Her dissertation, entitled French Sexual Citizenship in the Context of the European Community: The Effects of Gay and Lesbian Rights and Immigration Policies on Bi-national Gay Couples, explores the impacts of recent sexual and immigration policies on the everyday life of bi-national gay migrants in the context of the European Union.  Her project focuses on the PACS (Pacte Civil de Solidarité), a law legalizing gay and lesbian domestic partnership which grants gay couples several benefits that are similar to marriage, including visas for gay and lesbian migrants in partnership with French, European or non-European gay citizens.  By examining the intersections among sexuality, immigration and the state, her research creates a bridge between scholarship in immigration, law and society, and gender and sexuality studies. Such bridges are important in providing theoretical frameworks that address the lives of those who possess multiple identities and who therefore have to simultaneously negotiate multiple borders, whether sexual, national or European. 

She is currently teaching Research Methods, Democratic Citizenship and Sociology of Gender.

Her current research goal is to further explore the issue of sexual citizenship on an international level by comparing both immigration and sexuality policies within Europe but also expanding international field research to other nation states that have legalized gay marriage and/or domestic partnership. She also plans to turn her dissertation into a book readable in French and in English. 

Sandrine works with the St. Cloud State Survey Center