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Richard Duque

Dr. Richard Duque

Professor Rick Duque's research focuses on the global diffusion of new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within developing nations (with an specific emphasis on scientific communities), and the re-organization of society along more environmentally sustainable lines.

Dr. Duque's CV

Selected Publications

Duque, R. B. (2011-2012) "Global Economic Crisis, Natural Disaster and the Chilean Scientific Sector."  Sociedad Hoy. Forthcoming.

Duque, R. B., P. Miller, O. Barriga, W. Shrum, and G. Henriquez (2011-2012) "Is Internet Use Associated with Reporting Fewer Problems in Collaboration? Evidence from the scientific community in Chile."  Science Communication. Forthcoming.

Palackal, A., P. Mbatia, , D. Dzorgbo, R. B. Duque, M. Ynalvez, and  W. Shrum (2011) "Are Mobile Phones Changing Social Networks: A Longitudinal Study of Core Networks In Kerala." New Media & Society - Special Issue, 13 (3): 391–410.

Shrum, W., Mbatia, P., A. Palackal, D. Dzorgbo, R. B. Duque, and  M. Ynalvez.  (2011) "Mobile Phones and Network Change in Kenya." Social Science Research, 40(2): 614-625.

Miller, B. P., R. B. Duque, and W. Shrum (2010) " Gender, ICTs, and Productivity in Low Income Countries: A Panel Study."  Science, Technology, and Human Values. (Published Online first:

Ynalvez, M., R. B. Duque, and W. Shrum  (2010) Productivity, collaboration, and reagency in distant lands: an essay on the Internet, in W. H. Dutton and P. W. Jeffreys (eds), World Wide Research: Reshaping the Sciences and Humanities. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press (Pp. 325-342).

Duque, R. B, W. Shrum, O. Barriga, and G. Henriquez (2009) "Internet practice and professional networks in Chilean science: dependency or progress." Scientometrics, 81 (1): 239-263.

Duque, R. B. and M. Ynalvez (2009) "Internet Practice and Sociability in South Louisiana."  New Media & Society, 11(4): 487-507.

Shrum, W., R. B. Duque, and M. Ynalvez (2007) "Lessons of the Lower Ninth: the methodology and epistemology of video ethnography." Technology In Society, 29: 215-225.

Sooryamorthy, R., R. B. Duque, M. Ynalvez, and W. Shrum (2007). "Scientific collaboration and the Kerala model: does the Internet make a difference."  Journal of International Development, 19: 1-15.

Duque, R. B. (2007) "Global Internet Research: Internet Golpe in Chile," in W. Shrum, K. Benson, W. Bijker & K. Brunnstein (eds), Past, Present and Future of Research in the Information Society.  New York: Springer Publishing (Pp. 198 – 206).

Duque, R. B., M. Ynalvez, R. Sooryamoorthy, P. Mbatia, D. Dzorgbo, and W. Shrum (2005) "Collaboration paradox: scientific productivity, the Internet, and problems of research in developing areas."  Social Studies of Science, 35 (5): 755-785.

Shrum, W., R. B. Duque, and T. Brown (2005) "Digital video as research practice: methodology for the millennium." Journal of Research Practice, 1 (1), Article M4.