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Ajay Panicker

Associate Professor

Dr. Ajay Panicker, Assitant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Panicker received his PhD in 2008 from University of Miami.His dissertation was on the topic, "Counter-hegemonic Collective Action and the Politicsof Civil Society:The Case of a Social Movement in Kerala, India, in the Context of Neoliberal Globalization."

Dr. Panicker studies community activism and challenges claims of 'empowerment' of marginalized workers through micro-finance programs in Kerala, India. He undertook initial fieldwork on micro-finance and self help groups in Kerala in summer of 2009.

Dr. Panicker teaches SOC 201 (Sociology of Inequality), SOC 200 (Social Dimensions of Environmental Change) and SOC 268 (Sociology of Race and Ethnicity), in addition to SOC 345 (Political Sociolgy). His graduate level classes include Sociology of Social Movements and SOC 469 (Inequality in the Capitalist World System). He also is teaching an independent study (SOC 462) course titled, " Critical Political Economy."

Dr. Panicker an active researcher and contributor to the new SCSU Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota.

In spring, 2010 he will work with colleagues Paul Greider and Stephen Philion, and community members in Saint Cloud, to develop a research program to document and study historical and contemporary patterns of immigration in St. Cloud area. A crucial part of developing this project will be to provide students with experience in field research at an early stage in their undergraduate life.

Dr. Panicker has also established a Sociology and Anthropology Department Reading Group on Political Economy in collaboration with fellow faculty members. He strongly encourages students to attend the meetings of and participates in this Reading Group.