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Dr. Ann Finan

Dr. Ann Finan -Assistant Professor of Sociology

Associate Professor of Sociology
Co-Director, Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota

Dr. Finan completed her PhD from Iowa State University in 2007.

Dr. Finan teaches SOC 201: Social Inequality, SOC 200: The Social Dimensions of Environmental Change, and SOC 195: Democratic Citizenship.

Her central areas of research interest are the sociology of food and agriculture, environment, social inequality and justice, and rural development. Dr. Finan is fluent in Spanish and did her dissertation research in Peru.

In 2008, Dr. Finan published on the topic "New Markets, old struggles: Large and small farmers in the export agriculture of coastal Peru" in The Journal of Peasant Studies. She has recently had an article accepted for publication by the journal Agriculture and Human Values.

Dr. Finan has worked with and continues to collaborate with Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee. She has engaged in participatory research examining how various interest groups use and understand strategic discourses around food security, poverty, race, and environmental sustainability.

She has conducted extensive research in Walla Walla, working to establish a community organization geared toward promoting community gardens and other local sustainable food system components.

As part of her participation in the SCSU Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota, Dr. Finan will explore possibilities for collaborative research on issues involving immigrants working in the meat packing industry or other food and agriculture sectors.