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Welcome to the Sociology program at St. Cloud State University. Our twelve faculty members teach and conduct research on the pressing social issues of our time. With an emphasis on sociological approaches to thinking about social change, social well being, and social justice at the local, regional and global scale, our curriculum enables students to learn valuable analytical, methodological, critical thinking and communications skills.

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Leoma VanDort Wins Second Place Award in Carolyn Rose Sociologist of Minnesota Essay Competition

Leoma VanDort accepting Second Place Award in Graduate Division Carolyn Rose Sociologists of Minnesota Essay Competition, October 2, 2015, for her paper on "Globalization and its Impact on Urban Development in Colombo, Sri Lanka," originally written for SOC 468/568 (Inequality in the World Capitalist System). For more photos of Sociology students and faculty presenting at the 2015 SOM Conference, click on this link!

Abdullahi Gure, SCSU '12, SOC Major, chosen to deliver December 22nd Commencement Speech!
Watch his speech at this link!

Certificate given to Jiping Zuo's Class for Community Impact Award

Prof. Jiping Zuo's SOC 177 class received "Greatest Community Impact" Award at the fall 2012 Community Engagement Fair.Becky Freilinger Community Engagement Award

Becky Freilinger's SOC 480 class received "Most Unique Project" Award at the fall 2012 Community Engagement Fair. Click on the Certificate Photo to read a news story about that project!

Congratulations to Kevin Revier, whose Paper on " Surviving with Spirituality: An Analysis of Scientology in a Neo-Liberal Modern World," won 1st prize in the Caroline Rose Undergraduate Paper Competition during the Sociologists of Minnesota Conference. Kevin was just accepted into the PhD program at Binghamton University!

The same to Matt Lauritsen, whose paper "Secular Mode, Sacred Message: How Contemporary Christian Musicians are Called by God to Perform" won Honorable Mention in the Caroline Rose Undergraduate Paper Competition during the Sociologists of Minnesota Conference. Matt was just accepted into the Illinois Institute of Technology Ph.D program in Psychology!

SOC Major Cassie Anderson wins Presidential Student Leadership Award !!

5 SOC faculty (Drs. Finan, Greider, Panicker, Philion, and Zerbib) participated in the Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers in Minnesota's recent Global Goes Local: The Social Conditions of Immigrant Workers in Minnesota Annual Conference


Here are photos of Sociology students presenting at the 2010 SCSU Student Research Colloquium


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