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Joyce A. Wong

Degrees: B.A., 1986
Majors: Sociology

Organization: Stearns County Community Corrections
Title: Senior Probation/Parole Officer
E-mail Address:

Job History and Responsibilities:

I am currently employed by Stearns County Community Corrections, St. Cloud, MN. My title is Senior Probation/Parole Officer. I have worked in corrections since graduation in 1986, the last 10 years at the above location. I provide direct supervision to all high and medium level, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony level offenders, those offenders transferring to MN form other states, and offenders on supervised release (parole) status from MN and out of state prisons. My case load consists of both female and male offenders age 18 and older.

1986-1988, Anoka County Corrections, Anoka, MN Probation Officer
Conducted bail evaluations, pre-sentence investigations for misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony offenses for the court on adult offenders (18 yrs +)

1988-1990, Stearns County Court Services, St. Cloud, MN, Probation Officer
Conducted bail evaluations, pre-sentence investigations for misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors offenses for court on adult cases, provided direct supervision to offenders, set up community work service placements.

1990-1992, Anoka County Corrections, Anoka, MN Sr. Probation Officer
Provided direct supervision of juvenile offenders on probation, conducted adjustment reports for court, coordinated referral placements.

How I use sociology in my job:

Sociological concepts and theories are used on a daily basis as my job duties include a high level of personal interaction with offenders, community referral sources, and court in order to attempt to modify offender's behaviors from negative to positive. Attempting to understand how offenders were socialized by their family of origin, environment, etc. provides great insight to begin to understand their negative or positive motivation.