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Amanda Tottingham

Degrees: B.A., 2000
Majors: Sociology, Speech Communication

Organization: Unicom Management
Title: Marketing Consultant
E-mail Address:

Job History and Responsibilities:

I am employed full-time with Unicom management in the Twin Cities area. I am a marketing consultant. I started work on March 1, 2001 as a new hire. My biggest responsibility now is going to apartment complexes that have high vacancy rates and get them rented up. I do a lot of determining demographics.

The job prior was a manager of Footlocker. I worked for that company for nearly eight years while going to school. My responsibilities were doing the day-to-day things as a manager - schedules, customer service, accounts payable & receivable.

How I use sociology in my job:

I need to find out people's hot buttons in order to get them to rent my apartment over the ones across the street. I use social class and demographics on a daily basis. Social Psychology is the one that sticks in my mind because of all the different schools of thought.

My internship was the training to become a manager at footlocker. Sociology has helped me to understand different social groups and how they interact. The jobs are the same; I am selling a product/service.