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Daniel Storkamp

Job History and Responsibilities:

Daniel Storkamp

Degrees: B.S., 1989 Majors: Applied Sociology, Major in Marketing

Organization: Minnesota Sex Offender Program, Department of Human Services

Title: Deputy Executive Director
E-mail: <>

Job History and Responsibilities: As the Deputy Director of the of Minnesota Sex Offender Management, I am responsible for managing a $64 million budget and over 700 staff at two facilities in Minnesota. Currently there are over 550 civilly committed clients being treated and housed 7/24 within these two facilities.  My responsibilities include overseeing the management of both facilities, providing strategic and global direction for the agency, and managing the budget program's budget.

For 12 years I had worked for the Minnesota Department of Corrections in several, progressive management positions. This included being a the Planning Director, Research Director, Interagency Unit Director, Legislative Liaison, Information & Technology Director, and Assistant Commissioner of Management Services.  These positions included participating in the decision process of the agency's $600 million biennial budget; tracking legislative actions on Department issues; establishing agency wide policies and procedures; problem-solving agency wide issues; developing adult bed capacity plans that respond to the projected population and reduce per diems; and monitoring overall agency activities. 

In addition, I spearheaded several special projects including the development of  Minnesota's prison population projections for the next 10 years; development/maintenance of the Statewide Supervision System containing information from hundreds of probation, jails and prison entities into one central system, which is accessible to law enforcement through the internet; and coordinating 4 subcommittees on sex offender policy to a final combined sex offender policy recommendation report.

Prior to Corrections, I had been the Director of the Criminal Justice Center for Minnesota Planning. My responsibilities at the Center included participating in management decisions; designing, coordinating and implementing statewide justice research; and acting as the agency liaison with criminal justice entities.  The scope of these activities covered law enforcement, courts, corrections, victims, and treatment.

How Sociology is used in my job:

Marketing and Applied Sociology degrees provided the research skills, which became the foundation of my positions. The sociological way of looking at the world set me a part from other researchers and allowed me to take on more and more management responsibilities. Instead of just looking at and reporting numbers, Applied Sociology focused the results on making a difference. My research training in Marketing and Applied Sociology helped me move quickly from being an entry level researcher to the top level researcher to the state. But it was the Applied Sociology's training in the broad view and understanding of how the numbers can impact on policy and organizational structure, which landed me the Director of the Criminal Justice Center position and ultimately the Deputy Director of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program. This applied sociology edge is what contributed to my successful jump from a researcher in a policy organization (Minnesota Planning) to an Executive Management Team for an operation agency (Department of Corrections) to a high level manager (Minnesota Sex Offender Program).