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Travis Boyd

Degree: B.A., 2003, St. Cloud State University

Major: Applied SociologyTravis Boyd

Organization: ING Direct

Title: Mortgage Closer

Email Address:

Job History and Responsibilities:

I started with ING Direct as sales rep. in April of 2003, about a month prior to my formal graduation ceremony from St. Cloud State.  ING Direct USA is part of a Dutch company known as ING Groep (ING stands for International Netherlands Group) that dates back to the late 1800’s.  ING Direct USA however was started in 2000 in Wilmington, Delaware.  Since then, the company has grown exponentially, and currently employs roughly 350 people in St. Cloud area.  My own journey with the company has varied along with the needs of the company.  My first position as a sales rep. included selling savings accounts and certificate of deposit accounts. From being a standard sales representative, I went to the mortgage origination and sales department. In this position I sold and advised customers on various mortgage options according to underwriting, RESPA, and Fannie Mae guidelines. After this, I went to the mortgage closing department and have been there for approximately two and half years.  My current duties include drawing the closing documents, handling the wires, negotiating with title companies and attorneys, reviewing settlement statements and resolving the various issues that may arise during a closing.  I have also begun classes to complete  my MBA with the Minnesota School of Business and expect to finish the program in the spring of 2008.

How I use sociology in my job:

On an almost daily basis, I typically refer back to at least one of three classes, either social deviancy, social psychology, or complex organizations.  I refer to social deviancy for its understanding of human behavior in stressful situations, I refer to social psychology for its focus on the interaction between individuals and the groups they are a part of, and I refer to complex organizations for its insight into the sociology of the business world. On an individual basis, I can say that perhaps the most important use I have for sociology is that it enhanced my ability to adapt to varying situations, and helped to develop my leadership abilities.  In other words, on the job training can teach an individual what they need for various business guidelines, but it takes much more to prepare a person to adapt, think, and lead as the business world requires. 


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