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Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez

I received by BA in sociology from SCSU in the spring of 2012.  Prior to graduating I applied to various sociology PhD programs.  I accepted an offer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and moved to Carrboro, NC in the summer to attend some statistic workshops. 

I am finishing up my first semester, which has been intensively focused on methods courses.  In the spring I will be taking courses aligned with my interests of immigration, migration, population distributions as well as continuing courses that fit with UNC’s strong emphasis on quantitative methods.  I have been a TA for the University and am currently a RA/data manager for a project being worked on at the University of Arizona. 

St. Cloud State University’s sociology program prepared me for the transition to a graduate program. In the courses offered I was exposed to the basics of reading sociological theory analytically, understanding various statistical analysis techniques, and was provided with opportunities to gain experience with data collection, management, and analysis, specifically through my involvement with the SCSU Survey. SCSU Professors guided me throughout the process of applying for graduate programs and their help and advice played a key role in both my decision to pursue higher education as well as my success in being accepted into UNC's program.


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