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Larry Mihm's Alumnus Biography

Name:Larry Mihm - Graduated 1979

1. Currently, where do you work and what is your position title? How long have you worked there? Have you held other positions in this organization prior to your current one? What have been your major responsibilities in this position and with this organization?

While earning a double major B.A. in anthropology and sociology my success in social statistics exposed my strength in mathematics. When I completed the statistics course I became a statistics lab assistant and went on to earn a B.S. in Computer Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato. After college, I worked primarily at IBM, Rochester, Minnesota in software development, test and support.

The fascinating current economic climate brought my career in computer software that had started during the Reagan administration to an end.  I am now doing everything I can to get accepted into graduate school to study sociology.

2. How have you used sociology in your current job? Are there specific skills or perspectives that you developed in the sociology program that have helped you? Are there specific courses that have been especially useful to you?

My background in sociology and my corporate experience came together when I began a Masters of Education at the University of Minnesota. I successfully completed graduate courses in mediation and conflict resolution, diversity in the workplace, and strategies for teaching adults. Later, I completed a semester course in Human Geography at Rochester Community and Technical College. This course complemented my teaching at the high school level while I held an active short-term substitute teacher license.

The skills and perspectives that I gained studying undergraduate sociology permitted me to bring a wider set of perceptions to the discussions than some other non-traditional students who had only a technical background. 

3.  Is there any other information that you would like us to include in your bio? Is there anything else you can say about yourself that may be helpful to current students as they enter the job market? 

With a sociological imagination there is plenty for a person to do.  The trick, I suspect, is to stay flexible and follow the money.  Hone those writing skills.


4. Where have you worked previously and what other positions have you held? What were your major responsibilities in these jobs?


06/2001 – 03/2005                     Religious Education Coordinator – Grades five to ten


  • Recruited teachers and other volunteers
  • Designed, scheduled and coordinated retreats, programs, special events and liturgies
  • Planned curriculum and budgets, maintained membership database
  • Facilitated registration including the collection of tuition and other fees
  • Allocated and coordinated classroom space and other resources
  • Designed and implemented process and policy changes, teacher training
  • Ensured compliance with safety requirements

10/1995 – 02/1996                     Retail sales

  • Assisted customers and placed special orders
  • Inventory and store layout

03/1981 – 10/1981                     Statistical Analysis System Programmer

  • Completed an internship, attended college for summer session, and returned to fill a short term supplemental position
  • Coded SAS programs from the specifications provided by statisticians

05/1980                                     Editor

  • Responsible for recording errors on incoming census forms