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Jessica Glieden Biography


            After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Social Responsibility from St. Cloud State University I began working with Family Networks Inc. as a Mental Health Worker. I have been employed at Family Networks Inc. for seven months and my main job is teaching and counseling children, between the ages of five and twelve, with mental health diagnosis. Some of my other responsibilities and tasks include attending supervised meetings with licensed Psychologists and therapists; case updates for clients; behavior intervention; lesson planning on life and social skills; special event planning; daily case notes; and assisting in recreation therapy.

Some of my previous jobs included working at Consumer Directions as a Patient Care Assistant and at the St. Cloud Children’s Home as a Youth Counselor. These jobs were very similar and helped prepare me for my future career at Family Networks Inc. I was able to assist children in behavior management and intervention while helping them develop working, planning, and experimental learning skills for the future.

While pursuing my education at St. Cloud State University I worked as a Statistics Tutor and had a Graduate Assistant position in the Sociology & Anthropology Department. When I wasn’t tutoring students in statistics I took office calls; assisted students; budgeted department funds; and updated paperwork for the department curriculum.

            When I obtained a position working with Family Networks Inc, sociology was key. I began using sociological theories, concepts and ideas everyday in my work. My understanding of diversity and the economy helped me realize the differences in the populations I was working with. I was able to use my knowledge of family systems to recognize the differences in family situations and apply how social structures and institutions create policies to prevent or restrict families and their children from success. I could also utilize my background in theoretical conceptualizations to demonstrate the impact of capitalism on interactions between individuals and society. Overall I would say courses in Family Violence, Social Theory, Sociology of Family, Criminology, Social Responsibility, and Community Organizing have given me the knowledge and skills I need to be successful in my career.

For students interested in Sociology or finishing up their degree the most important piece of advice I could give you is to complete an internship. I feel an internship is essential for every college student. It is a tunnel into what the future could be like and will be a great indicator as to what the field may be like for students.

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