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Courtney Geyer's Alumni Bio

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Courtney Geyer

            I graduated from the Sociology Program at St. Cloud State University in May 2008. However, I did not go very far. That next fall I started the Master’s of Science in Social Responsibility Program right here at SCSU. Currently, I am working with the program as a full-time Graduate Assistant. This is my second year working with the program. I was fortunate enough to obtain my assistantship with the Sociology Department. Therefore, my job consists of completing scheduling tasks for Social Responsibility, while also helping out in the Sociology & Anthropology Office.

            I truly enjoy working in the office. I feel lucky to have been granted this opportunity. The jobs and responsibilities I have performed have taught me so much about the function and the structure of the university as a whole. Some of my duties include: assisting with faculty searches, filing student paperwork, helping students in the office, assisting professors with class arrangements and grading, and most importantly making the office manager’s life a little easier.

            Obviously, working in the Sociology & Anthropology Office I use Sociology every day. I feel it is really beneficial to have students, like myself, who have graduated with a degree in Sociology working in the office. This way we are able to personally help current or future students with any questions they may have about the program.

            Most importantly, the skills I obtained in Senior Seminar, Soc 488 got me where I am today. It was extremely crucial for me, and for all students graduating from college to learn how to properly write a resume and a cover letter. Without these skills, finding a job would be particularly difficult; especially competing with other graduates.

             I feel this also goes hand in hand with the Research Methods Course, Soc 303. This course really taught me how to conduct research effectively. While also, educating me about the different types of research and the methods that correlate with them. The Sociology Program as a whole challenges students and pushes them to develop strong writing techniques. As a graduate student, writing has become my life. I need these skills to succeed.

            Some other courses I found to be useful in my everyday life were Politics of Food, Social Theory, and Global & Racial Inequality. Together, these courses really got me thinking and evaluating my society. They changed the way I viewed the world, and helped put things into perspective. They brought strong social issues and concerns, such as Globalization and Capitalism to the forefront. Not only, did they teach me the negatives about these issues but brought me back to their beginning; their history. One must truly understand the history and the theories surrounding an issue to really bring change.

            One last point I would like to add is how much happy I am with choosing Sociology as my major. The program here at St. Cloud State University is excellent with wonderful professors. The professors here are not only intelligent but it is apparent they love what they do and love challenging their students to see them succeed. I would recommend the program to anyone interested!!

Please feel free to contact me with questions; if you are interested in the Sociology Program or just graduate school in general. I will try to help in any way that I can!

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