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Angela Wambua's Alumni Bio

1. Currently, where do you work and what is your position title? How long have you worked there? Have you held other positions in this organization prior to your current one? What have been your major responsibilities in this position and with this organization?

      My name is Angie Wambua and I am from MN.  I graduated from SCSU in Spring 09 with my degree in Interdepartmental sociology.  Upon graduating I decided to enter graduate school right away the following semester entering the Social Responsibility Master’s program.  This was to further my education and have the ability to apply for certain positions i.e. the United Nations which is my dream job. 

Angela Wambua in Kenya

      When I first declared a major in my undergraduate career, I decided on Social Work, because I wanted to use my knowledge, personal experiences to help others.  After being in the program for a short time I realized that this was not my niche and I transferred to St. Cloud State.         With great advising from the Sociology Department, I realized that a degree in Sociology could be just the right path for me.  After taking several sociology courses I realized and learned so many things about other people and cultures. It opened my eyes to the rest of the world.  I discovered my passion for other cultures and in the process found my husband along the way at SCSU, who is originally from Kenya.  I have since then done volunteering and traveled to other countries to supplement my learning experience. I truly feel that my journey throughout college has only made me into a more socially responsible person and has changed my life.

    Currently, and throughout my college undergrad experience I work and continue to work with developmentally disabled adults in a group home setting with the company REM Central Lakes. I have been working in this field for the past four years doing direct care and helping them build skills that encourage them to be more independent.  I also work as a graduate assistant for the Social Responsibility program in the SOC and ANTH department.  Upon graduating with my masters I hope to become employed with an organization such as the UN, implementing programs that can better enrich others lives.

2. Where have you worked previously and what other positions have you held? What were your major responsibilities in these jobs?

   Prior to my job With REM Central Lakes and as a Graduate Assistant, I’ve worked in a variety of positions such as; a daycare facility as an assistant teacher, at a café, and catered, Clothing store, a grocery store, and at a car dealership.  The major responsibilities of all these jobs was ensuring the highest level of customer service and having the social skills to interact with a variety of different people from all walks of life.