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Elias Marques de Andrade's Internship


Elias Marques de Andrade Junior completed an internship with Chicago-based Amsted Rail Global Headquarters during the summer of 2009. Amsted Rail is a multinational corporation that produces wheel bearings and is a branch of Amsted Corporation. Elias’ primary task was to assist the senior human resource manager in updating the electronic profile of workers in their hiring system.

A major second task was to make several trips to a plant in Virginia to visit with workers to reformulate the company's contingency plan in the case of natural catastrophe, fires, etc.

Elias Marques De Andrade Internship Photo

His third assignment was to translate documents for two international trips to Brazil with the company's director of finance. He also interpreted for company directors and Brazilian joint venture partners during business meetings.

Elias Marques De Antrade Internship Photo

Click on this link for Elias' Resume.Elias' Resume