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Abdullahi Gure


Abdullahi Gure, SCSU '12, SOC Major, Chosen to Deliver December 22nd Commencement Speech!

Abdullahi Gure's Student Bio

My name is Abdullahi Gure. I am currently a senior at St. Cloud State studying criminal justice and sociology. I chose the sociology major because I have always had an interest in understanding other perspectives from my own, but the one major thing that has been critical in choosing sociology as a discipline was my background. Somalia, as we know, has been in turmoil for the last two decades and I always wondered and asked myself from a young age “what are people fighting for?”

However, a few years after migrating to the United States I understood what I have been observing in Somali was what we call here a “class struggle.” In other words, the proletarians and the bourgeois are engaged in a struggle, but with different underlying factors in Somalia.Understanding this concept in my first sociology class seemed to answer the above question, which I have been asking myself throughout my life. I wanted to continue to study sociology in order to find solutions to the issues that arise from the answer to that question because sociology is such fascinating discipline.

My areas of interest in sociology include; race, gender, class, immigration, youth, and emphasizing education as a tool to solve problems.

Finally, the other interest that I have in life is working with and mobilizing the Somali community in the United States. I want to be part of a new generation of Somalia. I hope to rebuild Somalia by using new tools such as education, and helping the youth in my community through the use of Appreciative Inquiry. I’m very grateful to the SCSU Sociology Program for teaching me about Appreciative Inquiry, as I continue my adventure in sociology.