Social Work Advocate Group (SWAG)

The Social Work Advocate Group (SWAG) was started in the fall 2011 as a organization for students in the social work program at the masters level.

We work in collaboration with the Social Work Association (SWA), our fellow undergraduate social work peers, on different projects in order to make a larger impact. Our main objective is linking our involvement with the six core values of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics:

  • service
  • social justice
  • dignity and worth of the person
  • importance of human relationships
  • integrity
  • competence

If you also would like to be involved in your community following our core values, you are more than welcome to join us whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, social work major, or any other major! If you are interested, contact one of our officers! Contact information can be found at


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