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Social Work Association Spring Semester 2014

The Social Work Association has been involved in various projects on and off campus this semester. The SWA committed to making The Dream Center our service project this spring. The Dream Center provides services and support for homeless men ages 18 and older that need care, are struggling with mental health, chemical dependency, TBI, learning disabilities or physical disabilities that may have housing issues or corrections housing issues.We chose this project due to the lack of empathy for the individuals affected and the societal barriers they are attempting to overcome. After a meeting with the Executive Director, we began empowerment interviews with the residents. It was an eye opening experience for those members that took part in the project.

Many of our members worked with the United Way in volunteering their services in a couple of ways.  Some members volunteered at Project Homeless Connect, serving individuals in St. Cloud that are experiencing difficulties finding housing and meeting basic living needs. A few members also continued their work with the United Way in planning an awareness event. Members of the SWA, the United Way, Professor Moriarty and other community members planned an event to raise awareness for the 325 homeless youth in Central Minnesota. It was an amazing experience to be part of planning an entire event from the ground up. We sold cookies and eggrolls in Stewart Hall to support the event, had speakers and marched to start the conversation about the issue. The event was a success and was covered by the local news media.

The SWA also hosted a successful social work panel which consisted of five social workers from the community who work in different areas of the field. The fields the speakers were from included Child Protective Services, Veterans Affairs, medical social work and social work education. The panelists answered a variety of questions related to their field of expertise. It was an informative event in which students were able to ask questions in order to gain more perspective about what their future holds in their new career.

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