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This past March, 125 undergraduate and graduate students from the Social Work Department attended the Minnesota Social Service Association (MSSA) conference in Minneapolis. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Journey Begins Here,” which focused on the shared mission of health and human professionals. Students and faculty in attendance had access to workshops dealing with the many social issues facing clients of social service agencies. One MSW student who attended MSSA had this to say:

This past March, I was able to attend the Minnesota Social Services Association Conference for the first time.  It felt nice to be able to participate as a professional and see what continued learning opportunities there are after graduation.  Being new to the area, I have limited knowledge on available resources and area programs.  If not an outright job requirement, it is usually at least a good selling point to a future employer to have a working knowledge of these resources.  Being able to walk around and collect information from all the exhibits at MSSA has helped me in that goal. 

I was able to attend informative presentations that were directly applicable to my current internship and the work I will be doing after graduation.  I walked away with pages in my notebook filled with information I learned in the presentations, a short list of different texts I plan to add to my reading to-do list for continued education, a long list of names and agencies for resources and referrals in the cities, along with a huge goodie bag of pamphlets and brochures detailing their services. And of course- a million pens!

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