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On September 12th, in cooperation with the Social Work Department, PACER Center presented a workshop titled “Special Education and the Role of Parent” at St. Cloud State. Professionals from the community, university faculty, and students were invited to attend. Social Work students were able to attend as a part of their class instruction for that day. Some of the main topics of the presentation were: how special education and regular education fit together, how the special education process works, purpose and types of evaluation, and client and parental rights.         


On September 24th, The MN Children’s Law Center presented a workshop titled “The Rights of Foster Care Children in Minnesota” which was hosted by The Department of Social Work. Approximately 80 social work students attended the workshop as a part of their classroom instruction for that day. Community professionals and university faculty were also in attendance. Topics of the presentation included: an overview of the rights of children and youth in foster care, effective advocacy in courts and public systems, identifying and securing appropriate services, and how to utilize resources and professionals.


The Minnesota Conference on Social Work Education (MCSWE) was held on October 11th at the college of St. Scholastica’s St. Paul campus. During the conference, four faculty members from the St Cloud State Department of Social Work presented on different topics to professionals. Dr. Mary Pfohl and Dr. Consoler Teboh presented on racism in a classroom setting, Professor Sheila Moriarty and Professor Paula Watts Zehringer presented on anti-racism curriculum. As well as presenting Professor Sheila Moriarty was a part of the planning committee for the conference.


On October 17th and 18thThe sixth annual international conference Strangers in New Homelands, was held in Winnepeg, Manitoba. The conference discusses issues surrounding Migration, Refugee Movements, Settlement and Integration Challenges. Dr. Consoler Teboh presented “Newcomer Adjustment and Integration: A Cultural Diplomacy Perspective” and Dr. Consoler Teboh, Dr. Patience Togo Malm, Dr. Sylvester Lamin presented “Student Breadwinners: An Appraisal of Immigrant Student Challenges in the Midwestern Region of the United States.”

- Mathew Berry

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