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Letter from BSW Director

Thanks again for yet another great year.  The year has been good overall, and the program continues to grow.  We continue to get students either switching their major to social work or inquiring about switching to the program. 

The program continues to have success with our students passing their licensure exams on the first trial.  This is all credited to the good preparation work that our students receive during their studies here.  As usual about 40 new students were accepted into the major this fall.  Our students participated in a day long engagement and discussion with Dr. Larry Davis, who is the Director for the Center on Race and Social Problems in Pittsburgh.  Dr. Davis was very impressed with our students and stated how impressed he was with their questions.  It was very obvious at the meetings how our students are really being prepared as future social workers.

We also had our second BSW Advisory Board meeting which was well attended by community partners.  Board Members showed their willingness to engage with the program in various ways.  The program is currently preparing for re-affirmation and so faculty is participating in various ways to make this happen.

As we get ready for the holidays, I will like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your continued support to the program.


Patience Togo Malm

BSW Program Director

- Dr. Patience Togo Malm

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