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Letter from MSW Program Director


This fall I continue in the roll of Interim MSW Program Director.  After a whole year under my belt, it is hoped that I know more about what I’m doing.

We admitted 2 full cohorts of students this year, in the Foundation and Advanced Standing Programs.  In the end the Foundation Program was not completely full since some people we admitted chose to go elsewhere.

There are 3 proposals working their way through the University Curriculum process. One proposal would drop the Research II class; we are making this proposal due to the fact that the Thesis is no longer a requirement of the Program.  The second deals with admissions.  The requirement to be admitted as an Advanced Standing student may change.  At the present time students who have a BSW that is more than 7 years old must enroll in the Foundation track.  The proposed change would allow students whose BSW is more than 5 years old to be admitted as an Advanced Standing student, but they would need to take a summer Foundations class just prior to beginning study I the Fall.  The third proposal will add a Special Topics class to the curriculum; this class will be used to offer Electives that provide clinical content hours for those students and alumni who wish to pursue an LICSW.

We are due for Re-affirmation this year.  Our documents are due in Washington D.C., on April 1, 2014, and then in the fall we will be hosting site visitors.  Since our Program is fairly new, our last accreditation cycle only lasted 4 years.  This Re-affirmation will have us in line to renew our accreditation for 8 years. The final decision on Re-affirmation will be made in February 2015.

We have new faculty working in the Program this year, so I encourage you to read their profiles in this edition of the Catalyst.

I look forward to the year ahead and invite you to come and visit.

Gary S. Whitford Holey


- Dr. Gary Whitford Holey

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