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Alumni Updates

Brianna Nelson will be graduating from the University of St. Thomas/St. Catherine’s University at the end of May.

The University of St. Thomas will be hosting Clinical Presentations and offering free SW CEU’s on Monday, May 20th.

Social Work Day at the Capitol

80+ students and faculty from the social work department attended the 17th Annual Social Work Day at the Capitol “Creating Sustainability for MN” on April 8th, 2013.   This event gives students the opportunity to connect with other professionals and students to lobby state lawmakers about social policies that affect our clients and profession.

The event includes a morning training session, this year’s topics included: Advocacy 101, Child Welfare, Affordable Care Act, Homelessness in MN, Mental Health, & LGBT Equality in MN.  After the training sessions all 750 participants march from the MN History Center to the State Capital and rally in the rotunda before breaking off and meeting or lobbying with your individual representatives.  This event provides students with a great learning opportunity to practice the advocacy skills they learn in class in an applicable setting. 

A message from Caroline Doescher, a graduate of our MSW Program, and a member of the Social Work Day at the Capitol Committee: SWDAC is an important event because it is an opportunity for students to create the connection from learning macro social work in the classroom and bringing that knowledge to action. The opportunity for students to come to the Capitol with other students offers a chance for future social workers to recognize their role and responsibility for our profession and for our clients to create change on a macro level. Without this important step our programs, services, profession, and clients would constantly be on the chopping block when budgets are created. 

NASW is an important social work professional association for many reasons. NASW's advocacy arm provides important work at the macro level to ensure that the values and ethics are supported when legislation and policy is created. NASW also offers insurance for new and experienced social workers while providing professional development opportunities and trainings. NASW also creates and guides our work with the Code of Ethics. Members also receive additional resources so sign up today! You can begin your membership at a discounted rate while a student at:

A message from Gary Whitford, National Association of Social Workers Minnesota Chapter Board Member:  please consider joining the NASW.  Call me if you wish to learn more about this opportunity.  Application materials can be found at:

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