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Message from the MSW Program Director

I am completing my year as Interim MSW Program Director, and we have had a very productive year.  This was the first Academic Year in which students could choose between doing a Thesis or doing a Culminating Project.  Some of the Thesis projects being worked on this year were discussed in the Fall edition of The Catalyst.  The Culminating Projects are an opportunity for students to bring together their MSW education into one document that covers various aspects of practice and policy. 

This year our new part-time option made it through the curriculum process, so we have students beginning to take classes part-time in both the Advanced Standing and Foundation tracks.  For Advanced Standing students the part-time option takes 2 years, and for Foundation students it takes 4 years. 

The Program is currently full for entering students for the Fall 2013 semester; we had a number of well-qualified candidates, and it was not an easy task for the Program Committee to winnow the list down to a manageable size.

This next year we will be busy preparing for our Re-Affirmation with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). This effort involves a complete review of the curriculum and policies of the Program, as well as a written document that is sent to the Commission.  If you see us looking harried, that may be part of the reason. 

Gary S. Whitford


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