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Child Welfare by Dr. Mary Pfohl

The Child Welfare Stipend Program is embarking on a new venture! Our program along with the other participating BSW Consortium Schools, the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, and the Minnesota Child Welfare Training System (MCWTS) have joined together to pilot child welfare foundation training for all BSW Child Welfare students who currently in their final field placement. The foundation training is equivalent to the foundation training made available to public child welfare workers entering employment in the county setting.

In October, our first group of SCSU students represented by Krista Phillips, Irina Sparks, and Allison Olmsheid joined with nine other BSW Consortium Schools’ students at the Department of Human Services for foundation training. The goal of the training is to increase students’ knowledge, competence, and skills specific to child welfare practice while in field placement and for employment.

The partnership extended to co-facilitation of the training by Kristi Petersen of the MCWTS and Dr. Mary Pfohl, SCSU’s Child Welfare Stipend Program Director. We learned a great deal about how much are students are learning in their BSW Programs as well as how to accommodate the training to fill the gaps in student knowledge and skill. Overall, the training was deemed successful. We look forward to our next cohort of students, Rachelle Hoeft and Natasha Stahn-Meyer participating in the February 2013 training.

Interested in learning more about the Child Welfare Stipend Program? As alumni of SCSU are you interested in supporting this venture? Questions? Comments?

Contact Mary Pfohl, Child Welfare Stipend Program Director at

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