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Message from the MSW Program Director


This fall semester I began serving the department as its MSW Program Director.  I want to thank Dr. Mary Pfohl for her skillful work as MSW Program Director during the past 3 years.

Some changes have occurred in the MSW Program.  Applicants need no longer take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) in order for applicants to be considered for admission. Some people are pleased to hear this; and also pleased to hear that the Thesis is no longer a requirement.  Current students may choose between completing a Thesis and completing a Culminating Project, which is the choice that most students are making this year.  But some students are doing a Thesis, and choosing interesting topics that will increase the knowledge base of the Profession.

At the present time, a proposal is working its way through the Curriculum process at SCSU, whereby we will be able to offer a part-time program next year, in addition to the full-time program.  For students with a recent BSW, the part-time program will take 2 years; for students without a recent BSW, the part-time program will take 4 years.

We have new faculty working in the Program this year, so I encourage you to read their profiles in this edition of the Catalyst.

I look forward to the year ahead and invite you to come and visit.

Gary S. Whitford

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