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Message from the BSW Program Director

As the new BSW Program Director, it is my pleasure to welcome you to yet another great semester.  We are very proud of our students and faculty who work very hard to make this program what it is.  We care about our students, and we make every effort to see that they develop both intellectually and professionally as culturally competent professionals during their studies with us.  This focus is demonstrated in the types of projects and community involvement our faculty and students engage in.  I am very proud to say that most of our students actively participated in the current Voter ID and Marriage Amendment Initiatives and many served as leaders in these initiatives.

Currently, we preparing for CSWE Reaffirmation, as such faculty are actively engaged in discussions, data collection, and program assessment.  As we look ahead any new input and/ or ideas that will enhance the program are always welcome.  I look forward to hearing from you if you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share as we move forward in this process. 

On behalf of the BSW Program, I would like to acknowledge all of our community partners who work tirelessly with our students both in the field and in the classroom for your hard work.  This commitment is highly valued and appreciated.

I look forward to the coming years and working with all of you in strengthening the BSW Program.  Feel free to connect with me any time with any ideas you may have.  I wish you all a good break!

Dr. Patience Togo Malm

BSW Program Director

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