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Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Lake Dziengel presented as part of the keynote Panel at the Annual NASW Day at the Capitol on Monday March 26, 2012, on community organizing models and theories related to policy change. ‘Dr. Lake’ also identified some of the barriers and lack of legal protections that same sex couples are unable to access despite being legally married in other countries or states in the US.

Dr. Lake also presented at the MN Conference on Social Work Education "Policy and Practice Connections" held at Augsburg College on Thursday, March 29th. The title of the session was "I want to work in Mental Health. I’m not really interested in Policy Stuff".  The conference is attended by social work educators from across Minnesota and the Keynote speaker was Bruce Janssen, author of the graduate Advanced Policy Practice course text.  Dr. Lake facilitated an hour long discussion on ethics of social justice, advocacy and service, and the educator role and responsibility to integrate policy content into practice, research and HBSE courses. Curriculum ideas were shared by participants and suggestions provided, including the option of utilizing collaborative teaching models to help increase integration of content across the curriculum.

-Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Lake Dziengel & Dr. Deola Johnson

Dr. Deola Johnson and Dr. Lake Dziengel presented at the Third Annual Power in Diversity Conference held at St. Cloud State University in January 2012. The conference is attended by students, administrators, directors and academics from across Minnesota over a three day weekend and provides numerous workshops and plenary sessions aimed at strengthening student success in institutions of higher education. The joint presentation was from Dr. Johnson’s dissertation research on how to support Students of Color in Predominantly White Institutions, with recommendations focused on informal emotional support and academic supports, such as writing skills. The session was very well attended, resulting in standing room only. 

Dr. Dziengel did a second session on Advocacy Coalitions and Creating Iron Triangles for social change. This session was also well attended, and focused on providing knowledge about the role of coalition building and explanations of policy theory in the social change process. Suggestions were given to help people focus on changing campus environment to promote the creation of anti-racist settings and policies in higher education.

-Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Tracy Ore

Dr. Tracy Ore, the Department of Social Work’s Interim Chairperson, Sociology Professor, and SCSU’s Community Garden Coordinator was a speaker for the Food Justice: Women, Oppression, & Access presentation Thursday, April 19th from 6p-8p.  The event was held at the Minnesota Women’s Building in St. Paul, MN, and hosted by the Minnesota Women’s Consortium (MWC).  The MWC, with over 160 various associations, is considered Minnesota’s largest network of Women’s organizations.  Since 1981, the MWC has been empowering and supporting Minnesota women (and their organizations) on topics related to policy, equality, and general concerns.  Other speakers included Karen Clark, Executive Director of the Women’s Environmental Institute & MN State Representative, Valerie Martinez, Women’s Environmental Institute’s Community Food Justice Coordinator/Community Organizer & Eco Aware & Healthy Legacy Educator/Organizer, and a representative from the Welfare Rights Committee.

For more information about the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, visit the link:

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