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Academic Clinical Content in the MSW Program

Since 2010, the MSW Program at SCSU has been working towards inclusion of academic clinical content in coursework to comply with Minnesota Board of Social Work requirements while fitting with the Advanced Generalist Concentration of the program. Consultation with the Minnesota Board of Social Work as well as other Minnesota MSW programs provided guidance as we moved through this process. At the Board of Social Work level, the vision and specific parameters of the process has obtained greater clarity since the August 1, 2011 implementation date of the new licensing law.

The following has been completed:

o   The MSW faculty, with departmental approval, has documented academic clinical content for our courses in each academic year beginning with the first cohort of students and courses. Determination of academic clinical content was achieved through faculty knowledge of coursework, clinical practice knowledge, consultation with other MSW Programs, and ability to clearly document and assess students’ knowledge of academic clinical content.

o   The faculty has decided that the academic clinical content does not include thesis or the field placement due to an inability to ascertain or assure curricular consistency and assess student progress.

o   The MSW Program has posted the documented academic clinical content for each course and academic year since the inception of the MSW Program.   Please go to:   

o   Graduates of the SCSU MSW Program are able to go to this webpage to ascertain the number of academic clinical content hours in each clinical knowledge area by going to the appropriate academic year of attendance. The Board of Social Work will accept this Academic Clinical Content Grid as an attachment to Form 1. Certification of Clinical Clock Hours by Official of Graduate Degree Program Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

o   We have had requests to consider field placement and thesis for academic clinical content. We have determined that retroactive review of academic clinical content for field placement and thesis will not be provided for reasons identified above.

We are committed to increasing the options available through our program and/or in conjunction with other allied disciplines and graduate programs at SCSU.   Similar to our social work practices, the clinical licensure process will continue to evolve.  Consultation will continue with our MSW Program Advisory Committee, the Board of Social Work, other MSW Programs within the state, and CSWE.   We will move this along as quickly as possible with the resources available to us.

Be the end of May 2012, the MSW Program will post on its webpage available courses at SCSU that may meet the academic clinical content hours. Updates will occur annually. Due to potential and unforeseen changes to courses, syllabi, and individual needs, the MSW Program cannot verify the exact number of clinical content hours and each clinical knowledge areas for other allied disciplines and graduate programs at SCSU. Verification will be the responsibility of the individual student.  Individuals may seek out academic clinical content through other accredited institutions of higher learning.

-Dr. Mary Pfohl, MSW Program Director

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