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Congratulations Jenny Jenson!

Jenny Jenson, a second year MSW student, was elected the student liaison on behalf of St. Cloud State University for the 16th Annual Social Work Day at the Capital.  The NASW Social Work Day at the Capitol Student Liaison Program is one aspect of NASW-Minnesota Chapter’s Student Outreach and Retention Program (SOAR).  Jenny was involved in trainings to learn more about the event, and presented the information to SCSU BSW & MSW students.  Three presentations, one large and two smaller presentations are required of each liaison.  Jenny adds, "There should be one MSW liaison and on BSW liaison . . . each student will get a $150 stipend if they go to the training!"  Assisting fellow  students in setting up lobbying visits, obtaining materials about the event to hand out, coordinating transportation to and from Social Work Day at the Capitol, serving as the main contact for Social Work Day at the Capitol for our campus, and coordinating group registration and group check-in were additional responsibilities Jenny held as liaison.     

For more information and photos of Social Work Day at the Capitol, visit the link:

If you are interested in learning more about SOAR or the Social Work Day at the Capitol student liaison, contact Paula Haraldson at

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