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Consensual Sex Community Project

BSW students, Brett Olds, Caitlin Doherty, Katelyn Peterson, Nicole Krause, Emily Peysar, and Kayla Hoff are selling bracelets that say "I love consensual sex" for one dollar, raising funds and awareness for the Central MN Sexual Assault Center.  The fundraiser started out as a project the students decided on for their Social Work Practice course they take with Professor Moriarty. Emily Peysar reported, "We've also been handing out rape whistles we got from the MN Sexual Assault Center downtown in St. Cloud. We thought for our target audience [college students] these would sell quickly, and also serve a wonderful purpose".  The students sold bracelets and gave away whistles on April 17th and April 19th from 11am-12:15pm. Due to the large quantity of bracelets, they plan to arrange more times to sell.

To learn more about the Central MN Sexual Assault Center, visit the link:



Central MN Sexual Assault Center

15 Riverside Drive Northeast

St. Cloud, MN 56304

phone: 320-251-4357 or 1-800-237-5090


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