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BSW Student Hosting Feminist Art Show

Stephanie Plaster, one of SCSU’s Bachelor of Social Work & Women’s Studies students, is co-hosting St. Cloud’s 2nd Annual Feminist art show with Tanya Halloran, a Women's Studies & Integrated Media Major.  The art show was Stephanie’s last community project for her Women's Studies program.  The theme was identity and all mediums were welcome and encouraged for the occasion. Students had a chance to drop off their artwork in SCSU’s Women Center up until April 17th before the event took off the following day.  The art show was held April 19th from 7p-9p and April 20th from 12p-5p at StudioJeff in downtown St. Cloud, located above Biology 701.  The creative artwork displayed included paintings, photographs, poetry, and even a piece created by Stephanie herself.  Complimentary cupcakes were also available for visitors of the event.  Stephanie and Tanya stated, "Overall, we were very happy with the way the feminist art show turned out.  The art that was submitted was amazing!  Neither of us has had any experience coordinating events on this large of a scale.  The show really brought our class together because we were able to have important and interesting conversations about our interpretations of the art that was submitted.  Our professor, Dr. Beth Berila, said that our class's show ‘went up several notches’ in professionalism compared to last year's show.  That made us very proud and hopefully next year's class can improve on the foundation that we have already laid."Dr. Berila plans to have another art show next year in March during Women’s History month.

To learn more about SCSU’s Women’s Center and their mission to end sexist oppression, visit the link:

University Women's Center
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

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