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Social Work Day at the Capitol

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) held it’s16th annual Social Work Day at the Capitol on Monday, March 26th, 2012.  It brought countless professional social workers, social work students (including 73 students from SCSU’s BSW and MSW programs), and social work educators marching and rallying together for social work values such as social justice and integrity.  Many that attended were able to visit with our legislators, observe a senate session, and listen to state lawmakers about policy matters affecting our clients, our profession, and our own communities. 

"Social Work Day at the Capitol was a great learning experience.  Gathering with social work students from other schools opened my eyes as to how strong in numbers we all can be to make a change for the better.  It is a day I will look forward to for years to come!"

-Jessica Rosendah, SCSU BSW Student

"I had an amazing time at social work Day at the Capital.  I really enjoyed seeing so many students, professors, and all the guest speakers.  The march from the History Center to the State Capitol was very empowering and made me feel as if I was involved in something bigger than myself.  It was also nice seeing who our District Representative was and to be able to ask them questions face to face."

-Dorothy Pha, SCSU BSW Student

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