Spring 2014

Letter from the Department Chair

Letter from MSW Program Director

We are completing another Academic Year in the MSW Program. The major task (beside educating students) has been writing the Reaffirmation document for our accreditation. Volume I ended up being 207 pages long; the other 2 documents contain syllabi and various Manuals. The documents were mailed to D.C., at the end of March, and our Site Visitors will be here October 30 & 31, 2014.

We had many applications for next year and have quite long Waiting Lists for both the Foundation and Concentration Program. We are also seeing an increase in the number of students choosing the Part-Time Option.

For the first time we will be offering an elective class through Continuing Studies for those students and alumni who are in need of Clinical Hours. Plans are underway for the Program to begin offering other electives for our MSW students, both during the summer and during the semesters.  Those courses will also be available to alumni (based on enrollment).

Thank you for having chosen SCSU for your education, and we all look forward to meeting you at various events in the years ahead.

Gary S. Whitford Holey




BSW Program Director

Letter from the BSW Program Director

As we come to the end of another semester, I will like to use this opportunity to thank all our partners, faculty, and students who made it another successful year.  The semester was a great success and once again we were able to accomplish a lot.

In March the Reaffirmation documents were submitted to CSWE for the Reaffirmation of the BSW Program.  The faculty worked very hard to complete this important task as well as go about doing other expected duties. 

Once again we had a huge turnout for Social Work Day at the Capitol.  SCSU was among one of the schools that had most students present at this event.  Another important event that our students were involved in was the 325 in the 320 event that was held on April 12th, 2014 at 1:00pm in Barden Park. Our students took an active and leadership role at this event.  This was also a huge success and SCSU Social Work Students were the highlight of the event.

We continue to have support from our Advisory Board members who have committed to meet with faculty to discuss ways that we can partner.  We are very grateful for their service and commitment to the Program.

Once again, we admitted 40 New Students into the Program this spring.  And we continue to receive lots of inquires about the BSW Program.

I will like to thank you all for your continued support of the Program, and look forward to working with you again in the coming semester.  Have a great summer!


Patience Togo Malm




News Story

Summer Social Work Course

As noted in the MSW Program Director's letter, we will be offering a course this summer, available both to students and alumni.  It is entitled: SW 588 Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice. It will provide clinical licensing hours in the areas of Differential Diagnosis (20 hours), and Clinical Intervention Methods (25 hours). Information on this course can be found at: http://www5.stcloudstate.edu/registrar/courseschedule/Results.aspx?loc=All&yrtr=20151&subj=SW&cou=Gra&eTime=All&lTime=All.


SW 588 –Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice develops advanced generalist social work skills through a survey of the major concepts and practices in contemporary counseling and therapy. It will inform students of multiple theories that are widely considered the underpinnings of the counseling profession, and teach them key techniques, including assessment processes, from each approach. It will address some ethical and professional considerations. It will help the students to utilize their own strengths and sense of self to create a personalized therapeutic style.

Dr. Teboh Presentations

Dr. Teboh (MSW Professor) presented at the 14th Africa Conference in Austin Texas, which was held from April 4-6, 2014. The title of his paper was “Challenges and the way Froward for Student Breadwinners: A Critical Appraisal of Push-Factor Immigrant Students.”

This June Dr. Teboh will also be working with GRIP/ISAIAH on a project titled “Our Prophetic Path for Central Minnesota.” The group is conducting research aimed at developing themes for the Leadership Training and Agenda Setting in June, 2014.

In addition to his work with GRIP/ISAIAH during the month of June, Dr. Teboh will be attending the RWJF New Connections Eighth Annual Symposium in Newark, New Jersey which runs from June 11-13.

SWA's Semester

Social Work Association Spring Semester 2014

The Social Work Association has been involved in various projects on and off campus this semester. The SWA committed to making The Dream Center our service project this spring. The Dream Center provides services and support for homeless men ages 18 and older that need care, are struggling with mental health, chemical dependency, TBI, learning disabilities or physical disabilities that may have housing issues or corrections housing issues.We chose this project due to the lack of empathy for the individuals affected and the societal barriers they are attempting to overcome. After a meeting with the Executive Director, we began empowerment interviews with the residents. It was an eye opening experience for those members that took part in the project.

Many of our members worked with the United Way in volunteering their services in a couple of ways.  Some members volunteered at Project Homeless Connect, serving individuals in St. Cloud that are experiencing difficulties finding housing and meeting basic living needs. A few members also continued their work with the United Way in planning an awareness event. Members of the SWA, the United Way, Professor Moriarty and other community members planned an event to raise awareness for the 325 homeless youth in Central Minnesota. It was an amazing experience to be part of planning an entire event from the ground up. We sold cookies and eggrolls in Stewart Hall to support the event, had speakers and marched to start the conversation about the issue. The event was a success and was covered by the local news media.

The SWA also hosted a successful social work panel which consisted of five social workers from the community who work in different areas of the field. The fields the speakers were from included Child Protective Services, Veterans Affairs, medical social work and social work education. The panelists answered a variety of questions related to their field of expertise. It was an informative event in which students were able to ask questions in order to gain more perspective about what their future holds in their new career.

Student News


This past March, 125 undergraduate and graduate students from the Social Work Department attended the Minnesota Social Service Association (MSSA) conference in Minneapolis. The theme of this year’s conference was “The Journey Begins Here,” which focused on the shared mission of health and human professionals. Students and faculty in attendance had access to workshops dealing with the many social issues facing clients of social service agencies. One MSW student who attended MSSA had this to say:

This past March, I was able to attend the Minnesota Social Services Association Conference for the first time.  It felt nice to be able to participate as a professional and see what continued learning opportunities there are after graduation.  Being new to the area, I have limited knowledge on available resources and area programs.  If not an outright job requirement, it is usually at least a good selling point to a future employer to have a working knowledge of these resources.  Being able to walk around and collect information from all the exhibits at MSSA has helped me in that goal. 

I was able to attend informative presentations that were directly applicable to my current internship and the work I will be doing after graduation.  I walked away with pages in my notebook filled with information I learned in the presentations, a short list of different texts I plan to add to my reading to-do list for continued education, a long list of names and agencies for resources and referrals in the cities, along with a huge goodie bag of pamphlets and brochures detailing their services. And of course- a million pens!

Social Work Day at the Capital

Approximately 85 students from both the undergraduate and graduate programs attended Social Work Day at the Capital on April 7th. Many students took advantage of a bus ride down to the Capital Building set up by Department faculty. Social Work students had an opportunity to interact with state lawmakers and speak about issues of social injustice and social policy. Several workshops were held early in the day for those in attendance. After the workshops concluded, a march by all social work programs and agencies was held to the steps of the capitol building. Following the march, a rally was held by all those in attendance.

325 in the 320

More than 325 school aged children experienced homelessness last year within the greater St. Cloud area. However many local people don’t see homelessness as an issue in their local area. The event was created by the Social Work Association to help shed some light and support to children facing homelessness in the area.

Students and other concerned individuals gathered in Baden Park (across for the St. Cloud State Library) for a rally. Approximately 70 people walked up and down Fifth Avenue with signs showing support and raising awareness for those facing homelessness. Following the rally people were invited to listen to speakers in Ritsche Auditorium to listen to experts and those who have faced homelessness speak.

Congratulations Graduates of BSW Program

Lensa Ahmed   

Chelsea Anderson

Savannah Anderson

Andrew Bachman

Allisa Belcher

Heather Benson

Callan Billings

Kathryn Coil       

Jordan Drasler

Brittany Fisher

Amy Frank

Jordan Grell

Samantha Gruidl

Luta Herding Anpetu

Kelly Hildre

Jordyn Hubin

Karlie Huebner

Mary James

Christina Jones

Jenna Jones

Lyndsey Lanes

Nicole Linder

Morgan Louwagie

Stephanie Markfort

Mika Ndayiziga

Hnin Nwe

Jessica Olsen

Tiffany Picard

Jessica Poepke

Jenna Rahm

Glenda Rittenour

Kaisa Robinson

Nicole Roddy

Amy Schmaltz

Nikia Sharif

Chelsey Stanlake

Adam Thiel

Katelyn Tiffany

Katelyn Turek

Amber Wiese

Erin Wilkes

Alyssa Wolf

Kelsi Woods

Congratulation Graduate of MSW Program

Mandy Anderson

Grace Cooper

Stephanie Ford

Taiana Hayes

Amber Herron

Kendra Hess

Khristina Hinnenkamp

Jennifer Jenson

Fredora Justin Alcindor

Amber Kent

Kristine Loehrs

Krista McFarland

CindyMarie McPipe

Aaron Oie

Desiree Pemberton

Melissa Peterson

Samantha Pettit

Stephanie Pierce

Alyshia Popp

Rebecca Richel

Nancy Schauer

Rachel Shemon

Sarah Sopher

Nadia Thatcher

Rachel VanOverbeke

Britne Weiher

DeElla Wilcox


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