Spring 2012

News Story

Minnesota Social Service Association

The Minnesota Social Service Association (MSSA) held the 119th Annual Training Conference & Expo entitled "YOUnited" at the Hilton Minneapolis on March 13-16, 2012.  Over 50 BSW and MSW SCSU students attended the event, known for being the largest human service conference in the Midwest.  Seminars, institutes, and workshops ranged from topics discussing mental health, ethical practice, chemical dependency, education, personal stories, legal advice, military families and individuals, sexual deviance, LGBT populations, cultural competency, emerging research studies, child predators, resistant clients, domestic abuse, professional safety, school-based therapy, chronic disease and hospice services, healthcare practice, technology, bullying, mind-body practice, working with children, cognitive behavior therapy, unemployment, community and international practice, reintegration, leadership management, financial suggestions, and many, many more! Countless social service agencies, universities, and health care companies, including St. Cloud State University’s Social Work program, set up booths for attendees to walk around and gather information. 

First year SCSU MSW student, Jen Czischke, attended a session entitled, "Military Culture, Readjustment, Deployment Related Mental Health Issues of Veterans."  Jen expressed how she enjoyed listening to the presenter, Faith Weiss, speak on the topic, "She is not only a social worker, but she also has served in the military for 26 years . . . she was able to give first hand advice and knowledge.  Faith did this in a way that was very relatable to the audience."

For more information on MSSA’s 2012 Spring Conference, visit the link: http://www.mssaconference.org/

Social Work Day at the Capitol

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) held it’s16th annual Social Work Day at the Capitol on Monday, March 26th, 2012.  It brought countless professional social workers, social work students (including 73 students from SCSU’s BSW and MSW programs), and social work educators marching and rallying together for social work values such as social justice and integrity.  Many that attended were able to visit with our legislators, observe a senate session, and listen to state lawmakers about policy matters affecting our clients, our profession, and our own communities. 

"Social Work Day at the Capitol was a great learning experience.  Gathering with social work students from other schools opened my eyes as to how strong in numbers we all can be to make a change for the better.  It is a day I will look forward to for years to come!"

-Jessica Rosendah, SCSU BSW Student

"I had an amazing time at social work Day at the Capital.  I really enjoyed seeing so many students, professors, and all the guest speakers.  The march from the History Center to the State Capitol was very empowering and made me feel as if I was involved in something bigger than myself.  It was also nice seeing who our District Representative was and to be able to ask them questions face to face."

-Dorothy Pha, SCSU BSW Student

For more information on the NASW and Social Work Day at the Capitol visit the link: 


Minnesota School Social Workers Association & Minnesota Department of Education

Several BSW and MSW St. Cloud State University students attended the 2012 Spring MSSWA & MDE Conference in Roseville, Minnesota.  The students present had opportunities to listen to several speakers, gain 5.25 CEU hours, and a chance to win one of two $500 scholarships.  The students who traveled to the event felt the experience was informative and useful for any social workers within schools or working with children.

Judge John Scherer

Dr. Mary Pfohl, BSW Consortium Child Welfare Stipend Program Director, organized a gathering where Honorable John Scherer joined the final Child Welfare Stipend recipient meeting. Judge Scherer, a member of the 7th District Judicial court (and spouse of a social worker) was invited to share his perception of the court systems in matters related to child welfare concerns.  He discussed the process families go through, the characteristics of a good social worker in the court room, and answered numerous questions throughout the hour-long meeting.  The students attending the meeting appeared pleasantly surprised by Judge Scherer’s substantial interest in keeping families together. 

Since 2004, 46 BSW students have graduated through the BSW Consortium Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program.  If interested in learning more about the Child Welfare Stipend Program contact Dr. Mary Pfohl at mlpfohl@stcloudstate.edu.

Thank you SWA, MSW Organization, & the Department of Social Work!!!

The Social Work Association, Master of Social Work Organization, and the Department of Social Work pooled resources to raise money to form a block rate for the MSSA 2012 Conference.  The block rate, a total cost of $1,500, allowed over 50 BSW & MSW students and 10 faculty to attend the conference at a large discounted rate. 

Recognition and MANY thanks go out to the Social Work Association from all students and faculty for providing more than half of the funds toward the block rate.  Without the SWA’s annual volunteer and fundraising efforts the block rate would not have been possible. 

Student News

BSW Award Winners: Linda Gross & Amy Kirkeby

Social Justice Award

      Congratulations to Linda Gross on obtaining the $250 Social Justice Award!  Linda won the award due to her efforts to address social justice and practice social work values through activism.  To receive this BSW award Linda had to complete a cover sheet of information, write a 300-500 word essay describing her activist goals and experiences, and submit a letter of support from a community service practitioner, activist, or non social work faculty member.  Furthermore, Linda spoke as one of four students on a student panel at the MSSA conference on cultural engagement as well as was recently nominated by the social work department and the School of Health and Human Services Dean to present at the MnSCU Student Symposium on April 23, 2012.  The MnSCU Student Symposium is a conference held to celebrate undergraduate scholarly and creative activity with the opportunity to present and increase intercampus engagement with various schools including Metropolitan State University, Minnesota State University – Mankato, Minnesota State University – Moorhead, Southwest Minnesota State University, St. Cloud State University, and Winona State University.

Academic Achievement Award

Congratulations to Amy Kirkeby on receiving the $250 Academic Achievement Award!  To receive this award Amy needed to have an overall GPA of 3.25 or better, write a 300-500 word essay explaining their educational goals and progress, and submit a letter of support from a community service practitioner or non social work faculty member. In her essay, Amy wrote in how she has grown to overcome her academic limitations and focus more on her strengths as an intuitive and passionate person.  At the end of her essay Amy explains her future endeavors, "I plan to join the peace core to experience life beyond American borders. This I hope, will further increase my multicultural knowledge, make awareness of my own biases and privileges, and improve my ability to work with diverse populations. This will greatly benefit my social work practice by getting a closer understanding of our social system, institutional power, and barriers effecting marginalized populations".  This fall Amy plans to obtain an internship related to community organizing before she walks with her BSW cohort in December and graduates Spring 2013. 

*These awards are made possible through the efforts of the Social Work staff, Community Advisory Board, Student Social Work Association and Alumni work in past years who raised funds through a Spring Raffle/Dance/Silent Auction.

Congratulations to the Spring 2012 BSW Graduates!

We wish you all the best!

Alyss Aune

Kayla Beuning

Tony Bieza

Meghan Brandts

Emily Christman

April Elke

Crystal Faulk

Courtney Gillman

James Gray

Linda Gross

Alicia Heurung

Matthew Hickman

Victoria Hoffman

Anne Holmberg

Jayme Jackson

Erica Johnson

Pooja Karki

Lucy Lee

Molly Lipinski

Tara Little

Nichole Meyer

Carmen, Norstedt

Andrea Norten

Katie Nystrom

Maritza Ornelas

Sarah Pasek

Tami Peterson

Kati Polman

Lacie Prenderville

Jovae Priebe

Brooke Rustad

Ashlee Rutz

Leslie Sandy

Alicia Stenberg

Hilary Tumberg

Carrie Wadsworth

BSW Student Hosting Feminist Art Show

Stephanie Plaster, one of SCSU’s Bachelor of Social Work & Women’s Studies students, is co-hosting St. Cloud’s 2nd Annual Feminist art show with Tanya Halloran, a Women's Studies & Integrated Media Major.  The art show was Stephanie’s last community project for her Women's Studies program.  The theme was identity and all mediums were welcome and encouraged for the occasion. Students had a chance to drop off their artwork in SCSU’s Women Center up until April 17th before the event took off the following day.  The art show was held April 19th from 7p-9p and April 20th from 12p-5p at StudioJeff in downtown St. Cloud, located above Biology 701.  The creative artwork displayed included paintings, photographs, poetry, and even a piece created by Stephanie herself.  Complimentary cupcakes were also available for visitors of the event.  Stephanie and Tanya stated, "Overall, we were very happy with the way the feminist art show turned out.  The art that was submitted was amazing!  Neither of us has had any experience coordinating events on this large of a scale.  The show really brought our class together because we were able to have important and interesting conversations about our interpretations of the art that was submitted.  Our professor, Dr. Beth Berila, said that our class's show ‘went up several notches’ in professionalism compared to last year's show.  That made us very proud and hopefully next year's class can improve on the foundation that we have already laid."Dr. Berila plans to have another art show next year in March during Women’s History month.

To learn more about SCSU’s Women’s Center and their mission to end sexist oppression, visit the link: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/womenscenter/

University Women's Center
St. Cloud State University
720 Fourth Avenue South
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498

Consensual Sex Community Project

BSW students, Brett Olds, Caitlin Doherty, Katelyn Peterson, Nicole Krause, Emily Peysar, and Kayla Hoff are selling bracelets that say "I love consensual sex" for one dollar, raising funds and awareness for the Central MN Sexual Assault Center.  The fundraiser started out as a project the students decided on for their Social Work Practice course they take with Professor Moriarty. Emily Peysar reported, "We've also been handing out rape whistles we got from the MN Sexual Assault Center downtown in St. Cloud. We thought for our target audience [college students] these would sell quickly, and also serve a wonderful purpose".  The students sold bracelets and gave away whistles on April 17th and April 19th from 11am-12:15pm. Due to the large quantity of bracelets, they plan to arrange more times to sell.

To learn more about the Central MN Sexual Assault Center, visit the link: http://cmsac.org/



Central MN Sexual Assault Center

15 Riverside Drive Northeast

St. Cloud, MN 56304

phone: 320-251-4357 or 1-800-237-5090


Congratulations to our 2012 MSW Graduates!

We wish you all the best with your future endeavors!

Michaela Carlson

Kathleen Castillo

Kacie Floe

Gebremariam Gebremicael

Kundu Grandon Lama

Yui Hamada

Khristina Hinnenkamp

Brenda Hoffmann

Jennifer Jenson

Diana Meaden

Kara Moen

Alyshia Popp

Amy Ruegemer

Stephanie Silgjord

Whitney Terpstra

Dimitriy Zelikman

Congratulations Jenny Jenson!

Jenny Jenson, a second year MSW student, was elected the student liaison on behalf of St. Cloud State University for the 16th Annual Social Work Day at the Capital.  The NASW Social Work Day at the Capitol Student Liaison Program is one aspect of NASW-Minnesota Chapter’s Student Outreach and Retention Program (SOAR).  Jenny was involved in trainings to learn more about the event, and presented the information to SCSU BSW & MSW students.  Three presentations, one large and two smaller presentations are required of each liaison.  Jenny adds, "There should be one MSW liaison and on BSW liaison . . . each student will get a $150 stipend if they go to the training!"  Assisting fellow  students in setting up lobbying visits, obtaining materials about the event to hand out, coordinating transportation to and from Social Work Day at the Capitol, serving as the main contact for Social Work Day at the Capitol for our campus, and coordinating group registration and group check-in were additional responsibilities Jenny held as liaison.     

For more information and photos of Social Work Day at the Capitol, visit the link: http://www.nasw-heartland.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=156

If you are interested in learning more about SOAR or the Social Work Day at the Capitol student liaison, contact Paula Haraldson at paulaha@earthlink.net

Kathy Castillo’s Dispute Gets Published

The Twin Cities StarTribune recently featured one of St. Cloud State University’s MSW student’s letters in their "Readers Write" section.  Kathy Castillo, a second year MSW student, wrote to the paper to dispute with writer Katherine Kersten’s views of cultural competence.  Kathy later stated, "I would encourage students to read Katherine Kersten's articles in the Sunday paper as a means to increase awareness of conservative viewpoints regarding issues which frequently seem to appear on Social Worker's social justice agendas".

Kathy’s letter is featured below.

Kersten's argument that cultural competence is "ideological nonsense" ignores historical events that have contributed to white privilege in this country. Being white has allowed us access to resources unavailable to nonwhites.

Native Americans and blacks were excluded from voting -- fewer than 60 years ago. Blacks weren't even allowed to attend the same schools as white children.

This institutionalized lack of equal access to resources, often manifested in the form of poverty, is a major factor in broken families, lack of education and poor nurturing skills -- the family risk factors identified. It's easy to be complacent in that denial.

Because education is a requirement for American children, teachers play an integral role in ensuring learning is equally accessible to all students. How can this be accomplished if they only know how to teach white children?


Click on the link to view Kersten’s article: http://www.startribune.com/opinion/commentaries/142129013.html

Social Work Student Panel

Dr. Lake Dziengel presented at MSSA with a session entitled, "Promoting Professional Development through Cultural Learning, Enrichment, & Reflection".  Dr. Lake’s session was geared at encouraging agencies and employers to allow employees paid opportunities to actively engage themselves in other cultures to become more competent service providers.  This session also included a panel of four St. Cloud State University social work students who participated in cultural enrichment activities.  The students were given 45 minutes to speak about their experiences and how these activities have affected them as social workers.  A "Q" and "A" time was left at the end of the session for the attendees to ask the students additional questions.  The students that spoke included BSW Student, Linda Gross,  First Year MSW Student, Tonya Lippert, and two Second Year MSW Students, Alyshia Popp and Amy Ruegemer.  Tonya felt, "It was a powerful experience to be able to explain how these events have changed my perspective.  I was nervous to speak in front of so many professionals, but our discussion was very well accepted by the audience, and there were quite a few questions.  I am hoping agency representatives who attended the session take our conversation back to their sites and create this needed change to positively increase their social service workers’ professional development through active engagement."     

Social Action: Voter ID

St. Cloud State University MSW students have decided to take on a more active approach in their policy courses due to the Voter ID Amendment being passed into the hands of Minnesota citizens.  Come November, Minnesota constituents will have to decide if they want Voter ID to be a Constitutional Amendment, creating an entirely new ballot scheme by voting yes or no on the 2012 ballot.

Both the first and second year MSW students of Dr. Lake Dziengel’s Policy courses, SW621 and SW642, pooled resources to table booths on campus to educate their fellow peers and community members in relation to the controversial bill surrounding Voter ID.  The first booth, staffed by Dr. Dziengel and MSW students Jen Czischke, Jenny Jenson, Brenda Hoffman and Diana Meaden, was held April 19th from 9am-11am in Atwood Memorial Center’s Ballroom during the spring 2012 "Community Engagement Celebration".  This event was a showcasing for classes, internships, or students interested in illustrating their community involvement.  The MSW students, who presented themselves as Social Work Advocacy Group (SWAG) for the event, took home the award for "Most Unique Project".  Diana Meaden, a second year MSW student, described the event as, "exciting but a little nerve wracking because it was the first time we have participated in the Community Engagement Celebration."  Her fellow classmate, Jenny Jenson, explained how, "It ended up being really rewarding, because we were not there to promote our group or ourselves.  We were there to educate and bring awareness."   

The following tabling was scheduled for Wednesday, April 25th from 12p-5p, with tables set up in the main walkways of Atwood Memorial Center and Centennial Hall.   Dr. Dziengel stated, "Students kept track of how many people stopped by the tables, and did a short evaluation with people to assess understanding of the Voter ID amendment.  It is estimated that 200 people received material and/or stopped to ask questions related to voting rights in MN . . . including our new interim Dean Devers (at the Community Engagement Celebration) ".  The students gave away handouts with their gathered data as well as had a fun, enlightening game for community members to win prizes when guessing correct facts about Voter ID.  The students described their main goal as persuading people to think critically about what the passing of this bill could mean, and how a state that continuously leads the nation in voter turnout could be affected.

To view non-partisan information on Voter ID and other policies visit: http://www.inet7.lwvmn.org/

Click on this link to view Governor Mark Dayton’s veto letter regarding Voter ID: http://www.scribd.com/doc/88585269/4-9-12-Voter-ID





Faculty Notes

Academic Clinical Content in the MSW Program

Since 2010, the MSW Program at SCSU has been working towards inclusion of academic clinical content in coursework to comply with Minnesota Board of Social Work requirements while fitting with the Advanced Generalist Concentration of the program. Consultation with the Minnesota Board of Social Work as well as other Minnesota MSW programs provided guidance as we moved through this process. At the Board of Social Work level, the vision and specific parameters of the process has obtained greater clarity since the August 1, 2011 implementation date of the new licensing law.

The following has been completed:

o   The MSW faculty, with departmental approval, has documented academic clinical content for our courses in each academic year beginning with the first cohort of students and courses. Determination of academic clinical content was achieved through faculty knowledge of coursework, clinical practice knowledge, consultation with other MSW Programs, and ability to clearly document and assess students’ knowledge of academic clinical content.

o   The faculty has decided that the academic clinical content does not include thesis or the field placement due to an inability to ascertain or assure curricular consistency and assess student progress.

o   The MSW Program has posted the documented academic clinical content for each course and academic year since the inception of the MSW Program.   Please go to: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/socialwork/msw/default.asp.   

o   Graduates of the SCSU MSW Program are able to go to this webpage to ascertain the number of academic clinical content hours in each clinical knowledge area by going to the appropriate academic year of attendance. The Board of Social Work will accept this Academic Clinical Content Grid as an attachment to Form 1. Certification of Clinical Clock Hours by Official of Graduate Degree Program Accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

o   We have had requests to consider field placement and thesis for academic clinical content. We have determined that retroactive review of academic clinical content for field placement and thesis will not be provided for reasons identified above.

We are committed to increasing the options available through our program and/or in conjunction with other allied disciplines and graduate programs at SCSU.   Similar to our social work practices, the clinical licensure process will continue to evolve.  Consultation will continue with our MSW Program Advisory Committee, the Board of Social Work, other MSW Programs within the state, and CSWE.   We will move this along as quickly as possible with the resources available to us.

Be the end of May 2012, the MSW Program will post on its webpage available courses at SCSU that may meet the academic clinical content hours. Updates will occur annually. Due to potential and unforeseen changes to courses, syllabi, and individual needs, the MSW Program cannot verify the exact number of clinical content hours and each clinical knowledge areas for other allied disciplines and graduate programs at SCSU. Verification will be the responsibility of the individual student.  Individuals may seek out academic clinical content through other accredited institutions of higher learning.

-Dr. Mary Pfohl, MSW Program Director

Dr. Gary Whitford Facilitates Discussion

Dr. Gary Whitford served as a discussion facilitator at the recent Film Festival on Aging, held downtown St. Cloud, sponsored by St. Cloud Technical & Community College, Whitney Senior Center, Tubman Elder Rights, and Central Minnesota Council on Aging.  He mediated a conversation after the participants watched the film "88 Years in the Closet".  The film was about Lorraine Barr, who kept her sexuality secret for 88 years until she later revealed the truth to Newsweek magazine in 2007.  The discussion surrounded the controversial debate of if Barr was courageous and bold or if she was a coward, only coming out when nothing was truly at risk?

-Dr. Gary Whitford

National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Mary Pfohl, SCSU’s MSW Program Director and BSW Consortium Child Welfare Stipend Program Director, and SCSU’s Social Work Professor Paula Watts Zehringer recently traveled to Washington, DC for the 18th National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect during the week of April 16th to April 20th.  The conference was held at the Hilton Washington Hotel with the theme of, "Celebrating the Past, Imagining the Future."  Featured presenters included Dr.  Richard D. Krugman, Dr. Cecelia Tichi, Dr. Carol Wilson Spigner, Bryan Samuels, Dr. Barbara L. Bonner, Marva Hammons, Lucille Echohawk, Dr. Eliana Gil is in group private practice at Gil Center for Healing and Play in Fairfax, VA. Dr. Gil, John E.B. Myers, Dr. James Garbarino, and Tonier Cain. 

Dr. Pfohl, described the event as, "One of the best conferences I have been to in years.  It was so well done!"  Professor Watts Zehringer added, "It was great to see after 100 years of having child welfare laws, we, as professionals, are aware of the significance of partnering with families to preserve families . . . the data suggests we can do this and keep families safe and have better long term outcomes for families and our communities."

Faculty Presentations

Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Lake Dziengel presented as part of the keynote Panel at the Annual NASW Day at the Capitol on Monday March 26, 2012, on community organizing models and theories related to policy change. ‘Dr. Lake’ also identified some of the barriers and lack of legal protections that same sex couples are unable to access despite being legally married in other countries or states in the US.

Dr. Lake also presented at the MN Conference on Social Work Education "Policy and Practice Connections" held at Augsburg College on Thursday, March 29th. The title of the session was "I want to work in Mental Health. I’m not really interested in Policy Stuff".  The conference is attended by social work educators from across Minnesota and the Keynote speaker was Bruce Janssen, author of the graduate Advanced Policy Practice course text.  Dr. Lake facilitated an hour long discussion on ethics of social justice, advocacy and service, and the educator role and responsibility to integrate policy content into practice, research and HBSE courses. Curriculum ideas were shared by participants and suggestions provided, including the option of utilizing collaborative teaching models to help increase integration of content across the curriculum.

-Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Lake Dziengel & Dr. Deola Johnson

Dr. Deola Johnson and Dr. Lake Dziengel presented at the Third Annual Power in Diversity Conference held at St. Cloud State University in January 2012. The conference is attended by students, administrators, directors and academics from across Minnesota over a three day weekend and provides numerous workshops and plenary sessions aimed at strengthening student success in institutions of higher education. The joint presentation was from Dr. Johnson’s dissertation research on how to support Students of Color in Predominantly White Institutions, with recommendations focused on informal emotional support and academic supports, such as writing skills. The session was very well attended, resulting in standing room only. 

Dr. Dziengel did a second session on Advocacy Coalitions and Creating Iron Triangles for social change. This session was also well attended, and focused on providing knowledge about the role of coalition building and explanations of policy theory in the social change process. Suggestions were given to help people focus on changing campus environment to promote the creation of anti-racist settings and policies in higher education.

-Dr. Lake Dziengel

Dr. Tracy Ore

Dr. Tracy Ore, the Department of Social Work’s Interim Chairperson, Sociology Professor, and SCSU’s Community Garden Coordinator was a speaker for the Food Justice: Women, Oppression, & Access presentation Thursday, April 19th from 6p-8p.  The event was held at the Minnesota Women’s Building in St. Paul, MN, and hosted by the Minnesota Women’s Consortium (MWC).  The MWC, with over 160 various associations, is considered Minnesota’s largest network of Women’s organizations.  Since 1981, the MWC has been empowering and supporting Minnesota women (and their organizations) on topics related to policy, equality, and general concerns.  Other speakers included Karen Clark, Executive Director of the Women’s Environmental Institute & MN State Representative, Valerie Martinez, Women’s Environmental Institute’s Community Food Justice Coordinator/Community Organizer & Eco Aware & Healthy Legacy Educator/Organizer, and a representative from the Welfare Rights Committee.

For more information about the Minnesota Women’s Consortium, visit the link: www.mnwomen.org

Dr. Lake Dziengel Publishes Article

Dr. Lake Dziengel authored an article recently published in the Journal of Social Service Research.   Resilience, Ambiguous Loss and Older Same-Sex Couples: The Resilience Constellation Model is from Dr. Dziengel’s dissertation research. This model focuses on helping same sex couples identify areas of resilience and potential detractors and stressors that present as potential threats for same sex couple. The article can be found in the January/February issue, Volume 38 (1).

-Dr. Lake Dziengel

In the Field

Thank you BSW Agencies & Supervisors!!!

Dakota County Community Corrections Juvenile Service Center (Matthew Bauer)

Northwest Youth & Family Services (Louis Carter)

Anna Marie’s Alliance (Patty Hackett)

Sojourner Project (Judi Nelson)

New Beginnings (Heather Skelton)

Neighborhood House (Jenny Javitch)

People Reaching Out to Other People (Molly Link)

Rice Care Center (Deb Henjum)

Guardian Angels by the Lake (Annette Greely)

Catholic Charities – Hope Community Support (Dale Anderson)

Stearns County Family & Children Division – Adolescent and Permanency Unit (Allison Hendrickson)

Kandiyohi County Family Services (Christa Jenson)

Isanti County Family Services (Ann Stackpool-Gunderson)

Wadena County Human Services (Lori Miller)

Glen Oaks (Gwenn Garcia)

United Way of Central MN (Betty Schnettler)

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (Craig Martin & Tamara Hennes-Vix)

Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools, District 47 (Nate Swenson)

Saint Cloud Hospital (Rena Sespene-Hinz & Kelly Roenny)

Benton County Victim Services (Mary Radunz)

La Cruz Community Center – Catholic Charities (Jennifer Walker)

St. Benedict’s Senior Community (Brenda Turner)

Journey Home (Joal Peitz)

Catholic Charities Emergency Services (Barb Hamilton)

Community Behavioral Health Hospital (Cheri Dodds)

Little Mountain Elementary (Wendy Suddard)

Downey Side Adoption Agency (Nicole McGraw)

Sherburne County Area United Way (Cathy Lundberg)

Centennial High School (Amie Mitchell)

Hennepin County Extended Foster Care Services (Liz Scudder)

Promise Neighborhood Central MN (Sarah Mulroy)

Hutchinson Community Hospital (Anne Nelson)

Wright County Human Services (Lori Schmidt)

Benton County Human Services (Carrie Gapinski)

Steele County Detention Center (Jen Pfeifer)

Pearl Crisis Center (Judy Pearson)

Thank you MSW Agencies, Field Instructors & Task Supervisors!!!

The Village Family Service Center (Tamara Christenson & David Stern)

Great River ACT  - Central MN (Tracy Hinz)

African American Family Service (Dona Evans)

Morrison County Social Services (Tommie Nuesse)

Avenues for Homeless Youth (Hanna Getachew-Kreusser)

Southwestern Center for Independent Living (Jim Smalley)

Cambridge-Isanti Public Schools (Ann Stackpool-Gunderson)

St. Cloud School District 742 (Cheryl Dick)

Northern Pines Mental Health Center- Forest view Middle School (Kim Westaway)

St. Cloud VA Health Care System (Lori Lahr-Moulds)

Anna Marie’s Alliance (Patty Hackett)

Tri County Community Action (Larry Ketchum)

Northway Intensive Residential Treatment Services (Mike Simpson)

St. Cloud Area School District 742 (Philicity Messman)

Clara’s House Recovery Plus Unit – St. Cloud Hospital (Lana Nelson)

St. Joseph’s Hospital –HealthEast Care System (Elizabeth Michaelson Trister)

Lakewood Health System (Kathe Dellacecca)

Core Professional Services (Shelly Richardson)

Unity Family Home Care/Hospice-St. Gabriel’s Hospital (Krista Stavish)

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (Craig J. Martin & Tamara Hennes-Vix)

Little Mountain Elementary (Wendy Suddard-Bangsund)

Alumni News

BSW Alumni Updates

Susan (Fuchs) Hoeschen

Susan Hoeschen, 1987 BSW alum from Sauk Rapids, recently accepted the Spirit Award from Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota.  This award is granted to employees of Lutheran Social Services demonstrating exceptional dedication to the LSS mission.  Congratulations Susan!

To learn more about Lutheran Social Services, click on the link: http://www.lssmn.org/

Cara (Osterberg) Ruff

Cara Ruff, 1992 BSW alum from St. Joseph, was recognized with the Live United Lifetime Award at the Unit Ways 2011 yearly gathering.  As the founder and Executive Director of Independent Lifestyles Inc., she has created a center for individuals of all disabilities to live autonomously. 

To learn more about Independent Lifestyles Inc., click on the link: http://www.independentlifestyles.org/

Leanne (Wegner) Kruger

BSW alum Leanne Kruger, and her partner Jared Kruger, had a baby boy last summer on August 24, 2011.  Leanne and Jared named their new son McCoy.  Congratulations Kruger family!

Caroline Doescher

Caroline Doescher, MSW alumni from St. Cloud State University, recently visited SCSU to speak to current first and second year MSW students. Caroline, who was once the student liaison for Social Work Day at the Capitol in her foundation year of the MSW program, is now a committee member that organizes the event.  While working as a Case Manager and Youth Counselor at Avenues for Homeless Youth, Caroline has continued to be very active within the community.  She is the leader for the Housing Subcommittee TYSN (Transgender Youth Support Network), which ensures safe and accessible housing for gender non-conforming and transgender youth.  Additionally, Caroline is part of Youth Area Support Network (YASN), which assists youth who have a more difficult time finding housing, and Youth Moving Forward (YMF), a group with a more preventative approach to various youth concerns. 

While talking with the students at SCSU, Caroline spoke of social policy, contacting legislatures, and how students can integrate classroom concepts into practice. Furthermore, she discussed her work at Avenues for Homeless Youth, as well as her recent success of obtaining the new Transitional/After Care Case Manager position she proposed after finalizing her thesis on the topic.  Caroline explained how this position, "specifically [focuses] on ensuring that relationships are built and sustained with new support people when youth leave the shelter."  Caroline provides a great example of how research can influence social work! Congratulations Caroline, you are a great role model!

If you are interested in learning more about Avenues for Homeless Youth you can visit their link:http://www.avenuesforyouth.org/about.html

Additional volunteer opportunities & events found on their website:

May 14: Project Homeless Connect

Minneapolis and Hennepin County will be holding the 13th Project Homeless Connect event at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Monday, May 14. For more info or if you are interested in volunteering, please visit their website: www.homelessconnectminneapolis.org

Minneapolis/Hennepin County Project Homeless Connect
Monday, May 14, 2012, 10:30am - 4:00pm
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, 55403 (enter at 3rd Avenue)

May 23: 2nd Annual Avenues Open House

June 23, 24: Avenues at Twin Cities Pride Festival

July 31: GLBT Host Home Program Info Session

Aug 2: GLBT Host Home Program Info Session


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