Agency Field Manual

Roles and Responsibilities

Department Field Coordinator

  • To take responsibility for the overall direction and coordination of the field component of the social work program so as to meet CSWE requirements and the goals of the social work program.
  • To work in consort with the Field Instruction Advisory Committee to develop and evaluate all aspects of the field            component of the program and recommend policy changes to the department faculty.
  • To maintain the approved agency list of qualified agencies and Field Instructors.
  • To review and revise the Field Manual and all forms.
  • To plan, schedule, and conduct seminars for agency Field Instructors.
  • To develop field placement sites and organize and maintain information on these sites for use by students.
  • To work with students, in the SW 443 - Pre-Field Practicum course, in the preparation for and procurement of a placement.   To finalize with agencies, by phone and in writing, all student placements.
  • To work with Faculty Liaisons around any issues concerning the implementation of the field component of the program.

Faculty Liaison

  • To meet with the student and the agency Field Instructor two times during the one semester placement.
  • To work with the student and the Field Instructor on the development and evaluation of the student's Learning Contract.
  • To provide midterm and final evaluation forms to the student and the Field Instructor for their use in evaluating the student's work during the practicum.
  • To consult with the student and Field Instructor regarding practicum related problems.
  • To teach SW 445.
  • To assign student's grades for SW 444, of S or U, in collaboration with agency Field Instructors.
  • To assess the quality of field instruction and opportunities provided each student and provide feedback to the Field Coordinator.


  • To complete SW 443.
  • To bring a draft of their Learning Contract to the field placement, work with their Field Instructor to further develop it prior to the first Faculty Liaison visit, and take primary responsibility for monitoring the accomplishment of their learning objectives.
  • To take primary responsibility for their learning during the practicum by being a self-starter, displaying interest and initiative in increasing knowledge and skills through active participation.
  • To adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics and MN Board of Social Work Code of Ethics.
  • To perform in a responsible professional manner, keeping commitments to the Field Instructor, to the agency, to clients, and to the Faculty Liaison.
  • To take an initiative in seeking advice, help or consult from the agency Field Instructor, to meet responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner, to integrate theory and practice, improve knowledge and skills, and increase self-awareness.
  • To discuss with the Field Instructor dissatisfaction with respect to any part of the practicum experience, and if these concerns cannot be mutually resolved with the Field Instructor, to notify the Faculty Liaison as soon as possible.     

Agency Field Instructor

  • To provide the student with an orientation to the agency, including a written job description for the social work practicum.
  • To work with the student to develop a Learning Contract, identifying learning opportunities available through the agency.
  • To schedule one hour weekly to meet with the student in order to discuss the development of new knowledge and skill, and the integration of classroom knowledge with actual practice.
  • To structure assignments to help the student learn a broad range of social work knowledge and skills common to generalist social work practice.
  • To provide ongoing supervision and assessment of the student's progress toward their learning goals.
  • To participate in the conference visits with the Faculty Liaison and the student two times during the practicum.
  • To coordinate the involvement of other agency staff with the student's learning experiences during the practicum.
  • To notify the faculty Field Liaison of any irresolvable problems with the student as soon as possible.
  • To attend seminars for Field Instructors held at SCSU.

Field Agency

  • To meet the criteria for selection of field agencies, and to notify the Field Coordinator if they no longer meet the criteria.
  • To abide by the practicum policies and procedures.
  • To encourage a supportive learning environment for students.

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