Agency Field Manual- Policies and Procedures

Field Practicum Overview

  • 480 hours over one semester.
  • Practice under the instruction and supervision of an agency Field Instructor.
  • Utilize the knowledge, skills, ethics, and values learned in the classroom.  
  • Prior to practicum, students prepare resumes, interview with agencies, assess their strengths and areas for growth, learn about licensing, and complete other tasks necessary to acquiring a field placement.  
  • Students also prepare a rough draft of their Practicum Learning Contract.   The Learning Contract outlines the student's learning objectives for the field practicum (see appendix for further information).
  • Each student is assigned a Faculty Liaison who will be the University link for the practicum.   Faculty Liaisons make two visits to the practicum site, one at the beginning of the placement and one at the end.   Participants in these visits are the student, the agency Field Instructor, and the Faculty Liaison.    The Liaison also makes one phone call at mid-semester.  
  • Each student and their Field Instructor do a collaborative evaluation of the student's progress at mid-practicum and at the end of the practicum.   The Faculty Liaison discusses these evaluations during the visits to the agency.  
  • Students are at their field sites from Monday - Thursday; students attend a Senior Seminar, SW 445 on Friday mornings taught by their Faculty Liaison.   This class does not count towards the 480 field hours.  
  • Opportunities are available in a variety of settings in Saint Cloud and around the state of Minnesota .  

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