Agency Field Manual- Policies and Procedures

Criteria for the Selection of Agencies

  1. The following criteria are used when assessing an agency's ability to offer practica that provide students with opportunities consistent with program and CSWE expectations.   Agencies agree to meet these criteria prior to placement of a student:
  2. The primary goal of the agency/program must be to address human needs.   This must include opportunities for micro and macro experience.
  3. The ethics and values of social work must be demonstrated through the work of agency staff and policies.
  4. The agency must be free of NASW sanctions.
  5. The agency must support the placement and provide a qualified Field Instructor with sufficient time to provide appropriate orientation and field instruction for the student.   Qualified is defined as having a BSW and/or MSW from an accredited school of social work.
  6. The agency must be able and willing to offer students practice experiences that will enable them to fulfill the complete range of learning goals of the generalist social work practicum.
  7. The agency must provide a written description of the agency's program, a contact person, information about the process for selecting students, and a job description for the social work practicum position.   If an agency changes Field Instructors, the Field Coordinator needs to be notified.

Criteria for the Selecton of Field Instructors

  1. The following criteria are used to assess agency staff wishing to serve as Field Instructors.   Field Instructors should:
  2. Have a MSW or BSW degree from an accredited social work program, plus two years of practice experience.
  3. Be able and committed to provide appropriate orientation and educationally directed field instruction for a student.
  4. Demonstrate the ethics and values of social work in their practice.
  5. Be free of any professional sanctions.

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