Admission Process

Process For Admission to The Social Work Major


Students are eligible to apply to the Social Work major when they have completed the following courses: SW 195, SOC 160, CEEP 262 or PSY 240, BIOL 103, HURL 201, HURL 206, STAT 193 and GPA of at least 2.6.

Students apply for admissions the semester they are enrolled in SW 340.

Admissions meetings generally occur during the fourth or fifth week of each semester. Prior to this, students seeking admission have approximately three weeks to organize their materials and prepare for the process. The admission dates will be announced in SW 330 and 340.


The admissions procedure takes time and preparation on the part of students. It is described below as having Six Steps. 

Step One:

Admission packet will be available on D2L Brightspace to interested students in SW 340.

  • Social Work Information Form
  • Disclosure Form
  • Two Reference Forms­­
  • Format for the Letter of Application

    This packet will also include the following forms:

  • Discussion questions for admissions meeting
  • Admissions checklist

Step Two:

  • Obtain a copy of your Degree Audit Report.
  • Sign up for admissions meeting on grid posted on main office door.
  • Obtain two letters of reference. One letter is to be from an employer or someone who has supervised your volunteer work. The other letter is to be from a teacher or professor. Contact your references immediately since the letters must be in your file prior to your admissions meeting with a faculty member.
  • Your letter of application should be consistent with the "format for the Letter of Application."

Step Three:

  • Complete your file in preparation for the admissions meeting/interview.
  • Two Letters of Reference
  • Letter of Application (Be sure to read the "format")
  • Disclosure Form
    • If you need to answer "yes" to any of the questions on the Disclosure Form you will need to discuss this in the admission meeting. In the long term, this could affect your opportunity to be licensed as a social worker in Minnesota; in the short term, it will be taken into account by this department before your application is accepted.
  • SW Information Form

Step Four:

Keep the appointment you set up with the faculty member. At this meeting you will be responsible for addressing the issues and questions listed on the Admissions Meeting sheet. The faculty member will ask you follow-up questions.

Step Five:

Acceptance/Non Acceptance Letter will be emailed to student following the week of admissions meetings. Faculty as a group will consider all the students who presented themselves as applicants for the major.

The quality of the applications are based upon:

  • G.P.A.
  • Letter of Application
  • Letters of Reference
  • Admission Meeting

If your letter states that you are admitted to the major, move ahead to Step #6.

Step Six:

Meet with your major advisor.

  • Set up an appointment with your advisor to complete major/minor application form. If you have signed major/minor forms in other departments you will need to bring these. Your advisor will discuss with you a possible minor program and any concerns that you have about the Social Work program.

At this point in the process your major / minor application will be signed by Department Chair and sent to Records and Registration for processing. The University will recognize you officially as a Social Work major.

*Students with a disability whose Grade Point Average (GPA) is between 2.0 and 2.6 will be considered as having met the basic admissions criteria for the GPA by providing a letter of support from the Office of Disability Services. The letter of support should document the student's request that the GPA requirement be waived based on the disability and must be included in their social work program admission materials.

**Students without a learning disability and a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or lower will need to address the following questions in their Letter of Application:

  • Why do you feel you should be considered for admittance to the Social Work major with a low GPA?
  • Discuss how your GPA has evolved.
  • How could you see yourself improving your GPA?

The Department of Social Work will consider your application (but priority may be given to those students with a GPA of 2.6 or above).

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