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The Portfolio is the creative documentation of the student's journey through the social work program.  The portfolio reflects the student's learning in accomplishing the program goals of knowledge and skill in the areas of diversity, oppression, empowerment, and social justice.

The idea of a portfolio is grounded in pedagogy developed by Paulo Friere and others that engage students in a process of critical consciousness based on reflection and action.  This process encourages students to view themselves as part of a much larger movement for social justice and engages them in a true empowerment process with others toward that end. 

The portfolio is the concrete evidence of their individual and collective journey.  Nancy Brennan, PhD created the portfolio assignment several years ago and the portfolio remains one of the most creative learning strategies employed in the social work program.     

Social Work Association

This organization strives to empower students and others in achieving self-determination, while recognizing and supporting community strengths. Members of this organization shall strive to promote social justice and to be change agents willing to take action.

If interested, please contact social-work-association.

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