Dr. Teboh Consoler, SH234
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Work
Office: (320) 308-1603

Teboh Consoler

Name:  Consoler Teboh

Title:  Assistant Professor

Brief Bio: Consoler T. Teboh completed his undergraduate studies in political Science with a minor in sociology from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. He holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in Social Work from The University of Texas at Arlington. Guided by the multiple intelligence theory, the core of his teaching philosophy is that education is a fundamental right of human beings and is crucial for the betterment of the Human Race. He therefore strongly believes that while students may have different learning styles, all functional adults have the capacity to learn.  His professional background includes hospital social work, and community outreach. He has consistently published peer reviewed articles every year since 2010, and has presented at several national and international conferences. Dr. Teboh’s ongoing research focuses on using cultural diplomacy in solving adjustment and resettlement challenges among African immigrants in the United States Dr. Teboh is currently an assistant professor with the Department of Social work at Saint Cloud State University.

Teaching interests:

Diversity and Marginalized Populations

Human Behavior in the Social Environment

Research Methods

Areas of expertise:

Women’s Reproductive Health

Immigration Issues and Displaced Persons

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