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About Us

The Social Science and Social Studies programs are committed to the interdisciplinary study of human behavior using multiple perspectives and tools of scientific analysis. In interdisciplinary courses, issues confronting us are examined from many points of view. An understanding of topics such as power or population change, for example, is best achieved through an integrated approach using insights from anthropological, economic, geographical, historical, political, psychological and sociological dimensions, as well as from other areas such as the natural sciences and humanities.

Career benefits for students are many; the skills and knowledge gained from the Social Science and Social Studies programs are applicable in a variety of settings, including possible careers in teaching, government service, or business. This approach provides strong preparation for graduate study in the social sciences, international fields and law. Our graduates are "generalists" who have a wide range of interests and backgrounds well suited to the rapidly changing job markets of the 21st century.

The Social Studies Education Program offers a challenging program designed to prepare students for teaching secondary social studies. Students in this major can emphasize (specialize) in economics, geography, history, political science and sociology.  Along with their emphasis area students take a broad range of classes in a variety of social science courses to fulfill the Social Studies Licensing Core Requirements.  Students in this major also work with the College of Education in order to learn the most recent pedagogical and curricular methods and practices. Through the Social Studies Education Program and the College of Education students are given a number of opportunities to observe and practice social studies teaching in a secondary school setting.


Kyle Ward: American Historiographer

Rochelle Arellano: Study Trip to Mount Vernon

Mission Statement

The St. Cloud State University Social Studies Education Program is committed to preparing high quality professionals who will:

  • Understand what the social sciences consist of and how one can view and understand the world through their lenses.
  • Have a global perspective and an understanding of other cultures and societies.
  • Create and deliver meaningful, challenging, active and integrative learning opportunities for students.
  • Have the ability to demonstrate their knowledge of the social sciences and develop teaching strategies to convey their knowledge to students.
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