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A Better World, Spring 2002

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Welcome, bienvenida, willkommen, karibu, yokoso, huan ying, oba sema saadarayen piliganimu!

On behalf of the Co-Directors and the Graduate Assistants for the Social Responsibility Program, I would like to welcome you to the first edition of A Better World, a newsletter produced by the Social Responsibility Master's program. The goal of this newsletter is to provide current students, potential students, and graduates with important information about course offerings, activist opportunities, career resources, and some interesting facts and information about various social justice issues. We hope to bring this newsletter to you at least twice a semester beginning in the Fall of 2002.

In this issue, we will provide you with a list of all required and elective courses that will be offered for Summer sessions. The Community Corner section will be highlighting a different community organization or event that either works toward or promotes social justice is some way. In this issue, the community organization People Uniting for Peace (PUP) will be spotlighted. Jennifer Kraipowich, a recent graduate of the program, will provide us with a list of the top six socially responsible career web sites as part of our Socially Responsible Careers section. We will also include poetry, events on campus, and social justice facts in each issue.

We would like this to be an interactive newsletter so please contact us to make comments and to submit your own work to be included in our next issue. Our e-mail address is listed on the top of the newsletter. We would especially like to hear from our Graduates. In our next issue, we would like to highlight a graduate of the program to find out how they were able to use their Masters degree in Social Responsibility. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and that it helps you on your journey to become a more socially responsible person.


Heather Ebnet
GA Social Responsibility
Program , SCSU

Community Corner:
People Uniting for Peace

By Theresa Flinck

People Uniting for Peace (PUP), a student organization at SCSU originated in Brainerd, when student activists at Central Lakes College decided that the college needed a group which took action on a variety of issues including racism, sexism, classism and environmental problems. With the diligent work of a small handful of student activists, PUP became a well-known entity in the Brainerd area, bringing in guest speakers like anti-sweatshop activist, Charles Kernaghan Executive Director of the National Labor Committee, a panel on homelessness and a Indigenous healer from the Chiapas who spoke on issues related to biopiracy. While PUP is still thriving at CLC, many of the original PUPS found themselves, much by accident at St. Cloud State University in 2001.

So, PUP alumnae moved on and decided to join Students for Social Change, a student organization at SCSU that was in hiatus. But, something just wasn't right about the name. After September 11th, the group decided that it was fitting to have a name change, more in tune with the world events that were occurring. So, PUP SCSU became a franchise, but not the kind that sells cheap, greasy burgers and French fries, but a franchise that seeks to create a better world. PUP is bigger and better at SCSU. The group is constantly growing, with new members joining all the time.

One member had this to say about PUP, "The enthusiasm of PUP members to act as positive change agents inspires others to also accept a personal responsibility to act as social change agents"-Will Mische.

So far this year, PUP has been working hard to educate college students about the effects of the War in Afghanistan. PUP members attended the anti-war rally at the state capitol, held anti-war kiosks, brought in the advisor for Brainerd PUP, Professor Gary Payne, who gave a presentation on "U.S. Sponsored Terrorism in Colombia", and started the group, Voices for Peace which began with the help of some talented faculty, staff and students at SCSU. The musical group is based on an anti-war, peace and social justice theme. Rehearsals are held on Mondays at 3:30 at University Lutheran.

For more information about how to join People Uniting for Peace and/or Voices for Peace, please e-mail: or call 650-1045.

People Uniting for Peace supports alternatives to war and works towards global peace and social justice. Our group consists of people who are interested in discussion and action regarding a variety of issues such as (but not limited to): racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, LGBT rights, welfare rights, human rights and environmental issues, etc.

Poetry for Change

The Cost of My Clothes
By: Heather Ebnet

Women labor hot and tired
Quotas to fill
Families to feed

Never ending days
Lead to never-ending nights
Of pain in the soul

Exhaustion of the body
Aching for rest
Pleading for mercy

No rights
No rest
No hope

Denied wages
Loss of family
Stripped of culture

Sexually used and exploited
Forced birth control
Removal of choice

Corporations and government draft laws
Free trade and others
Far from these women

Stories untold
Profits increase
Prices fall

Until we stand
Demand the truth
Tell the stories

Protest the injustice
Uncover our eyes
Fight for justice

Justice for All

Editors of A Better World:
Heather Ebnet
Theresa Flinck
Minako Kawasaki

We would like to hear from you! If you would like to share any comments or story ideas, or if you have any questions.
Please contact us at:
Call: 650-1045 or 203-6132

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