Social Responsibility

Where We Are Now

The following is a list of some of program completors, you can also see some letters from graduate students.

Al Amdahl – Social Studies teacher at Albany High School.

Tom Andrus – Outreach Coordinator at SCSU’s American Indian Center.

Dan Becker – Works in an all male halfway house.Dan Becker

Michael Birchard – Academic Advisor for a TRIO program called Student Support Services at North Hennepin Community College.

Cathy Borgert – Teaches classes on diversity and social justice in the General Education major at St. Cloud Technical College.

Sue Butte – Is doing research and working on getting published. Has worked for battered women for over 3 years. In the fall of 2003, she taught Sociology at Inver Hills Community College. She will be teaching Disability Rights this fall at SCSU.

Julie Cartwright – Office Manager for Multicultural Student Services at SCSU.

Gary Cheeseman – Teaching courses on Ojibwe language and culture at SCSU. Also pursuing a Ph.D.

Joy Davis – Spanish Teacher.

Carla Durand – St. Ben’s Student Services.

Heather Ebnet – Teaching adjunct in the HURL department. She is also the Site Coordinator for the 21st Century Learning Grant at Talahi Elementary.

Joel Engholm - Adjunct Sociology Instructor at Central Lakes College in Brainerd.

Tonya Faundeen – She is a Physician’s Assistant in Chicago and volunteers at a homeless shelter for teens teaching a peri-natal health class to pregnant and new moms. (read a letter from her)

John Hammerlinck – Program Officer for the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. (read a letter from him)

Jennifer Kraipovich - Academic Coordinator, TRIO, Tech College. (read a letter from her)

Melissa MakiMelissa Maki - I moved to Eugene, Oregon after completing my Master's Degree in Social Responsibility. I obtained employment as the Family Violence Unit Supervisor/Victim Advocate at the Lane County District Attorney's Office in the Victim Services Program. Basically, I coordinate services to victims of domestic violence who are involved with the criminal justice system. I supervise and train a small team of volunteers to assist with this work. We provide emotional support, resource referral, court advocacy and assistance with protective orders. I also initiated and co-facilitate a support/educational group at our local jail for female inmates who have been victims of domestic violence.

My Social Responsibility background has been invaluable to me in my everyday work and life. It has helped me to think critically about the world around me and to understand and appreciate the perspectives of others. I am proud to be utilizing my education and skills to fight against one of our biggest social problems- violence against women.

Ayako Mochizuki MogenAyako Mochizuki Mogen - Currently, I am a student in the East Asian Studies program at the University of Minnestota. I am taking the Social Movements course from the Sociology department this semester. For this course, I am volunteering and conducting a participant observation in a student animal rights group, Compassionate Action for Animals. We invite different speakers, show films, table, leaflet, and have some fun events like potlucks. I have also been organizing a human relations education event, the Boxes and Walls project, with other committee members. We are inviting a professional theater group specialized in the field of cross-cultural issues to perform for us in April.

Kerri RoesnerKerri Roesner - Program Assistant for Substance Abuse and Violence
Prevention at Iowa State University. (read a letter from her)





Renee Rude – Associate Professor, Reference Services, Miller Center, SCSU.

Micheal SharpMichael Sharp - Works in Academic Advising at St. Cloud State University.




Fortunata Songora – Ph.D. program at U of M.

Roxanne Storms – Social Worker.

Hedy Tripp – Ethnic Studies, SCSU.

Rhonda Van Hale – Marketing Coordinator.

Jejuan Webb – Intensive Supervise Release Agent, Hennepin County Community Corrections.

Tanisha Zeigler – Academic Counselor Upward Bound, Hampton University.

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