Social Responsibility

Students' Feedback

I chose the Social Responsibility program because I wanted to further my degree (Psychology- Gender study minor) and be able to work with social justice issues on a proactive approach rather than reactive.

This is a great program. I really like the variety in the classes. My professors are great. My education is very applicable to everyday life.

My areas of interest regarding social change are women's issues, GLBT issues, social action, and social change.

-Kami Davis-

I chose the Social Responsibility program because of its active approach to solving social injustices.

My areas of interest regarding social change are women, children, and minorities.

-Kara Good-

I chose the Social Responsibility Masters program because I really wanted to have more than just a job when I was done with school. I wanted to do something that made a difference. I minored in Human Relations as an undergraduate and discovered many issues that I was passionate about. The Masters Program in Social Responsibility encompasses the issues I am passionate about as well as showing the interconnectedness between all forms of oppression.

I cannot possibly sum up everything I have learned from the program. The knowledge that I have gained is tremendous. The program is very unique and rewarding. The faculty are great! Julie Andrzejewski was my advisor and she is absolutely wonderful! I had an opportunity to intern with her last quarter and she taught me so much! This quarter I am interning with Jennifer Holt, and she is fantastic!

The program has opened many doors for me. I have applied to a doctoral program and I am also interested in teaching. I don't know what my future holds, but I know that it will be enhanced greatly by my involvement in the program.

-Jennifer Kraipowich-

I became involved with the Social Responsibility program on a whim. I had done my undergraduate work at SCSU in Applied Sociology and minored in Human Relations and Women’s Studies so it was everything I was already interested in. I had taken a year and a half off to work full-time at a battered women’s shelter and I felt the need to continue my education. I started out taking one night class and summer classes and I really enjoyed myself so eventually I went full-time and now I am a graduate assistant for the program.

I will be graduating in May of 2001 and the time has flown by. The classes and the professors have really helped me to further develop critical thinking skills and to be able to make connections between all of the social justice issues. I am not sure at this point what I will do with the degree as far as employment but I'm excited at all of the possibilities. I also feel that it has helped me to grow tremendously as a person and as an activist.

-Melissa Maki-

Social Responsibility program offers students great opportunities to think all social issues in a global way. I had majored in Law for my undergraduate study in Japan. Through all the studies at the undergraduate school, including political science, I began to take interest in the effects of current social structures on our future societies. It was also attractive to study the dynamics of social changes.

Originally, I had planned to major in Sociology for my graduate study because I just didn't have knowledge about the Social Responsibility program at SCSU. Social Responsibility program is not known to many people yet. Especially the program is not known internationally, as it was difficult for me to find the course in my country, Japan.

I am currently a graduate assistant for the program. I would like to inform all the people who are interested in the social studies about this course, regardless of their nationalities. The cultural diversities in the class enrich comprehension of out studies. I really enjoy studying here, so I would like to share this wonderful experience with people from all over the world.

-Ayako Mochizuki-

I chose the Social Responsibility program because it offered much more than my undergraduate degree did. It encompasses a wide rage of social justice issues and focuses on action as a form of learning. It is a fabulous and AWESOME program!

I am only in my first semester, but so far it is wonderful. The program is welcoming, challenging, and rewarding.

My areas of interest regarding social change are human rights issues, cultural issues, child welfare, and social justice law.

-Dana Zwetow-

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